Day 60 Leaving Daleville.

Friday 8th June

my alarm went off at 5.30 what was I tho king of. I switched if off and rolled over. at 7.30 I got up and wandered down for breakfast. it was fairly busy this morning. I grabbed cerial, coffee and orange juice. which promptly vanished into my tummy. I then was Fri g brave so had a go at making a waffle. I poured the mix onto the hot plate turned it over as I had seen overs do then went and sat down .I was halfway through my next coffee when Another hiker said your waffle is beeping. I went back and opened it up success I poured the obligatory syrup over it and returned to my table . itvwas yummy. after several more trips for coffee and juice I was done. I returned room did one final sweep . then I was out .

As I walked down the stairs a familiar face greated me . it was Zippy . we had a big huge and she filled me in about where every one was. Bob was upstairs. pigment was taking it easy etc etc. I Gave her another hug then set off go reception to check out….. But if would be so easy to zero agai. and sit by that pool.

okay all done I waved goodbye to my other hiker buddies .lifted up mypack . Omg it was heavy or have I just tested too much ha ha.

I walked down to the main road and waited for a gap in the traffic then quickly hurried across , walked. few yards up the road and rejoined the trail .

wow this part had been recently mowed and was a delight to walk along. it continued like this for several miles before dropping down to go under the road. as I climbed up the over side I ran Into 2 British hikers going South both from Plymouth. I said my usual hellos before continuing on my way. The trail then began to cross several meadows as I was was decending I came across 4 lady hikers (girlscouts) whose team was called yellow submarine I didn’t ask why. I chatted for about 10 minutes before pulling myself away.

After this the trail did it’s normal rollercoaster route. but the ups were not too steep. I could hear music and began me was spider and his girl can’t remember her name!

He whizzed by me but as there were switchbacks I could hear and follow him for some time.

I plodded on at my normal pace eventually catching them both as they had stopped for a break. Fancy meeting up with young laughed and pushed on eventually stopping at the cross roads for the next shelter as my water hose was kinked.

as I as sorting out my pack spider came by but decided that they would stop at the shelter for lunch.

It as too early for me as j walking to stop around 1ish.

it was a gorgeous morning as i climbed up and down the mountain . I passed several tents that I guess the ocjpents were having a lay in.

Ping went my watch. okay lunch .but typically it was a few more minutes before I found somewhere . where I cod stop. it was so good that my water was still cold a d that in turn had kept my pizza cold. You cut beat leftover cold pizza . it was so scrummy and I quickly woofed it down followed by a few snacks .

Now it wasn’t too far untill the next shelter and it soon came In to view. There were two American day hikers so we chatted for a while. they were giving me tips on where to stay . I t ha ked them as they left. I went to sign the book but sadly there was not one.

I was just chilling when spider turned up. we chatted for a while on how far we both planned to go. The. he took off just as three German hikers arrived I said hi then went be k to the trail. It wasn’t long until I caught Spider who was watering up. .I stopped and got water too. I was just leaving when Poppins arrived. I spent the rest of the After noon playing leapfrog with them untill they took a break . But then I caught Spider agai. who had stopped by the road. Any magic I asked?

Sadly not snail. I Checked.

They need part was fairly rocky so I couldn’t get any speed up as I hobbled over the rocks this went on for several miles before emerging I into a car park with amazing views of the Applalacian mountains . this kept repeating dive into the forest then exit into another car park viewing area. after the fithed time the trail crossed. over the road. it was now 6 pm and 3 miles to go to the next shelter. I really didn’t want to walk that late so began to look for somewhere to put my tent and typically there was nowhere . okay May be at the top of this hill. Dam Spider had claimed the spot. Nice spot I shouted.

Your still using then snail?

Yes but I want to stop I replied.

Then I heard the rumble of thunder. great I thought.

I pushed on and one…… Nothing are I . I was now tired ..still nothing .

I walked off the trail and towards the road.

Perfect across the road was a fire road. I walked Across.kicked few sticks and soon had my tent up . it’s a bit close to the road but it’s up .
I found a good branch to hang my food. cooked tea. and I was done


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