Day 60 Heading to Floyd Mountain Mile 764

Saturday 9th june

Considering  that I slept by the road I slept really well. At 6.30 I got up and began to pack up. when I was almost done I put on my stove for a brew and made  breakfast.
I soon woofed and drank both, stowed my stove and I was ready,  hoisted up my pack and retraced my steps back to the trail. Again it was a beautiful morning. I pushed on and was surprised that I didn’t see anywhere to camp untill  I was almost at  the shelter. The shelter was .2 off trail so I didn’t visit it but pushed on past. I was busy climbing when a other hiker came past I have met him so many times but his name escapes me. The morning started as yesterday’s finished into a forest then out into a scenic viewing layby before heading back into  the forest  then back out into a  layby . The next one was amazing, as all the mountains poked out from beneath the clouds. wow.
Then I did one more before disappearing deep into the forest  the trail spiralled down but I could still hear cars so the road must run parallel.
I could  hear water and as I came around another corner I saw  a fellow  hiker getting water  as this was  the last water for 10 miles
I filled up then drank a litre, I didnt want to carry too much as there was  a  lot  climbing.
I crossed the road and  began myfirst climb  . it wasn’t too bad and the terrain fairly tame  for my feet. Once  i  had  reached the summit  the trail took on its normal rollercoaster  of  ups and downs . As i hiked the  temperture continued to rise . it wasnt so much hot but sticky .
I was miles away when the next shelter came into view.  I walked down to it and tdecided to have  lunch when the three Germans turned up.
The  german lady asked me where I had stayed.?
About a mile back I replied.
As we were talking Fish arrives.
Hi fish .
We talk about the hotel and the zeros .  Fish then lifts his shirt OMG his tummy is bright red from the Sun bathing at the pool
“Fuck Fish,. that looks  bloody sore.”
It is snail he replied.
Didn’t shapes put cream on it (,his girl) i laughed
We decide to do a few toasts  with the burbon that i am carrying then I am on my way. I feel that I am pushing , but it’s not long before the German train catches me. and I watch them go.
The hours and miles whizz by and I am soon coming out of the forest into a road by a bridge. this is the famous  swimming hole and  there are several people swimming. it looks so inviting but I decided to walk past and start the next climb  which  is long and steep .
This climb appears to go on and on and it hot very very hot and the sweat begins to sting my eyes . Then there are these little black flies that fly just in front of your face and drive you mad as well as the big buzzy ones that fly by your ears. arhh.

I push on trying not to look up . eventually I reach the plato and decided that I need a break . I glugged down the 1/4 litre of juice that I had in the side pocket. there  should be  water at the next shelter so not far to go but i had enough . but when I came to the next stream I watered up anyway

It wasn’t long unti I reached the next shelter no name hiker was here also xxx who was sleeping and an older hiker who was section hiking.
The shelter was really nice a large 2 story building. I drank more water  and was eating some snacks when Fish arrived.

For some raeson i fancied a  coffee so  fired up my stove. the coffee was delicious. as i hadnt made one in a while. I stayed at this shelter for far too long as I wanted a few more miles.
Fish was heading to the next shelter, I could maybe make that but 2.5 miles was more  my target.
I hoisted my pack and set off , as i walked the skies suddenly turned black ,boom boom went the thunder. I had enough water  and so just needed a flat spot any spot.But now  I was climbing so not a chance. I climbed for several hours and began to regret moving on. Boom went the thunder.i stopped and checked Guthooks it says I am near and yes I’
I looked about  and chose a spot and quickly put up my tent

Although i had enough water ,there was a sign pointing to water and in Guthooks it said it was a spring so I took two bottles with me and went to  top up.
Omg it was far and not very good water either. I filled up and was on my way back when the heavens opened great I thought it st least my tent is up . once back I was ready to hang my food . I had just got it over the limb when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned around and a few feet away was a large rattle snake. they can strike upto four foot.
Omg  I  quickly moved away ,thinking tat was lucky !!

I made tea in my tent. I tried  out a new meal that was rather tasty.  Itwas then bed time

Start 764
Finish 764
mileage 18 miles

NB  my Vblog is one day out !!


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