Day 57

Tuesday 5th June

I didn’t sleep at all well I spent most of the night scratching my bloody bites .. but eventually dropped off.

I set my alarm for 5.30 but the friendly rooster best my watch too it. I dozed for a while then slowly climbed down from my bunk. carefuly grabbed my stuff from the bunk and quietly carried them out side. then I went back for my bag and other bits.

I packed up drank a few pints of water said bye to my friends who were up. hoisted up my pack and. set off down the road

The short hike back to the trail head was very busy with no verge. so when a car came I pushed myself into the hedge. luckily it wasn’t far.

Once again I am back on the trail.i checked my shoes shook my pack then set off. It was a all climb that then decended down to a creek . I had to go through several stiles. so.e were fairly tight with my pack on. I flowed the river for a while. I past by what looked like an old water mill. interesting I thought.

I then climbed through another stile and entered a large meadow. I filled my brown path weaving in and out. untill I spied a deer oh and it has a little fawn with her.I tried to sneak closer. but she had seen me and so both bounced off.

I completed that meadow crossed the road and did another one. although I climbed straight up through the middle and into another forest

Once in this forest I began to climb and climb but the incline was fairly gentle. Once at the top I was in some lovely Oak woods and so the trail had a nice soft carpet of oak leaves to walk on . I pushed on fairly amazed at the miles that I was doing today. I seemed to be flying. But I knew that I had a huge climb to do to get to McAfee Knob a great clif2f landmark.

I began to drop down and could hear the road. meaning that i was getting closer, then I could see the car park.

as a I dropped fown into it , someone had left a cash of beer, and they were cold .I chose one and chugged it stamped on the can and shoved it into my pack. I debated about grabbing a second. I should of. but I didn’t.

I crossed the road and began the climb it was 4 miles to the top. cool I thought I am ahead of schedule.

I pushed on, the trail. went. on its normal roller coaster route

a bit up a bit down eventually I came to the first shelter. I waked in signed the book , took some photos then carried on on the trail and again it wasnt long untill the second shelter appeared but I decided not to visit this one and pushed and up. The trail now began to get steeper, and I began to meet day hikers coming down . it was about another hour till j finally reached the top.

OMG it was wow amazing, such wonderful views

I asked several people to take my picture. I sat down on the rock and just stared. I sat there for ages before eventually pulling myself away.

I really loved this place.

I now began the decent. spiralling down and down

and then I came to another shelter this one had bear boxes. I called in , it was empty so I decided to have my lunch here. I used the loo then got water before relaxing.

As I sat Fish arrived .it’s his birthday tomorrow and so wants to get town ASAP.

Then anak arrived. but it was time for me to leave. I.pushed on continuing to head down .

down and down until I saw a sign for tinker cliffs 2 miles.

I pushed . but now the trail began to climb up and down through rock and occasional I couldn’t see the trail to follow as there were no.blazes.

I was trying to decide when a family that I met at the knob came by.

They seemed to know the way so I followed them untill they waved me by.

I pushed on untill fhdcgrskl began to climb very steeply. .I looked back and could see Fish gaining

As he got closer I stood back to let him pass.

Cheers Snail he said.

after he past me I began to chug..I was out of juice. But the hills kept coming . At last I was at the top , I had arrived at the tinkers cliffs. zagsi. the views were amazing. OMG. they were fab. I followed th6ev trail that hugged the cliffs. this was fairly scary and not what I would want if I had small children with me.

I past sever hikers who had set up their hammocks fairly close to the edge. !!!!!

After a while the trail take a me away and st long last I am heading towards town.

Once again I am spiralling down untill at last I see a sign for the shelter.. .6 miles

thank god I say as my right foot is hurting and I am tired.

it’s been a good day but my bed/ tent is calling.

I walk towards the shelter and see Fish. he is cooking hid supper then he’s away.

it’s his birthday tomorrow and I think he just wants to get to Town.

I find tent spot and quickly get my tent up, before walking back towards the shelter to cook tea.

them it was back to my tent ;

night miles walked 19


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