day 56

Monday 4 June

Another good sleep. I emerged tent st 6.30 and began to slowly pack up. I retrieved my food bag .visited the loo and I was ready to go

I hoisted up my pack and walked out of the camp. the trail was fairly flat for the first several miles then I began to cross bridge after bridge with nice campsites. Hindsight is wonderfull. I could of pushed on yesterday and got to any of these making today’s milage shorter but I was happy with my 22 as I thought yesterday was tough.

I pushed on passing several hikers. one hiker called peewee reminded me that this was the last water for a while so I decided to grab another litre.

now the trail.began to climb and climb it did after 2 hrs I reached the top a d there was a bench to sit down at thank god.

The next part was really nice and gentle and I began to crunch the miles. however I knew what was coming and soon enough the next big climb looked . I crossed another large bridge d decided to fill up with water .

then I began the climb and it was hot so bloody hot but luckily I soon got into the forest and shade. up and up i went ping went the hours. Then I heard voices . and as I came around the corner I saw half way, lost and found and another hiker resting. I decided to stop for lunch and enjoy the view.

After lunch I set off towards the dragons tooth. but before I got there , there were my.etpus ups and downs that .really annoyed me as they were indeed pointless but occasionally I got a great view .

I pushed on up and down but the ups were rock that I had to scale over. to me this was not hiking ….more mountaineering

and it hurt my feet. at last I was coming down and omg it was all hands and bottoms and it was scary in aces but also exhilarating and exciting. half way down I met a lady called Elaine and her dog who she had to lift down in places.

at the car park I said good bye and carried on on.the At but again I was clambering over rock..omg Arrrh. at last the rock turned into a nice trail and I was able to speed up down to the road.

Once there I turned right and walked up.the road. untill I found the hostel .

I decided to bunk so grabbed one then bumbed a beer and sat in the sun chilling

I then grabbed the shuttle to town to grab beer an extra days food and a huge pizza and a tub of ice cream

Once back I tucked into my pizza and beer before devouring my ice cream

almost bed time


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