Day 53 leaving Pearisburg

Friday 1st June

Once again I was woken by some very loud hikers but today I did have go get up.

I enjoyed my zero. it was what I needed..

I got up visited the bathroom. . and grabbed coffee on my return. I am not a big coffee fan but this coffee tasted good.

I sat on the porch with other hikers watching other hikers pass

it was still hot as my watch pinged 5. okay I will do another hour. I pushed on and began to climb again through forest until I emerged again onto the ridge. Here was a huge mast so I put on my phone and yes a signal. So I answered a few texts and sent a few more

A little further was the next camp with a spring. I entered I was in two minds to stay or go .

So I kept going .I will do another hour I said to myself.

Ping .god that was quick. and as I turned a corner. There I front was the perfect site for me

I dropped my pack. spread out my foot print then put up my tent. threw everything inside.

I then went to find s good tree to hang my food off of .once done I returned to my tent and began to cook dinner.

I made tea. then cooked dinner. Once full I went and hung my food bag. I had just returned to my tent when it began to pour

that was lucky

mile 645.4. miles walked 10.1


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