Day 53 just Fog

Saturday 2nd June

my alarm went off at 5.30

I woke to the sound of rain so promptly switched it off. the second alarm sounded at 6.00
I opened my tent and looked outside it was thick fog. That makes a change I said to myself and snoozed the alarm again and again. on the third ring I switched it off. let the air out of my mattress and began to pack up. it had stopped raining but when the wind blew raindrops cascaded down onto my tent.
I reached out and lit my stove. as the water heated I packed up. then began to dismantle my tent. I decided to have hot chocolate for a change. mmm it tasted good okay lets go.

I slung my pack onto my back and headed out into the Fog.
I pushed on wondering how far had the Aussies gone yesterday? I was impressed when I came upon their tents as they had made another hour (2 miles).

I pushed on. hoping That the Fog would lift. as I found it depressing. Nothing to see. I pushed on for several hours passing by several more tents. then I came lots of police tape. That read police line does not cross. This is to do with the Pipeline and protesters.

as I made my way along the trail became very slippery and muddy, so I had to be careful not to fall over. Just then two Police men came by I said hi.

“A bit slippery today” one said.
Just a touch “I laughed and pushed on.
Further along there were two Gators a bit like golf trollies but with big chunky wheels. in one sat 4 rangers or possible police. I nodded they nodded back and I continued my way.

NB These police officers were on standby to arrest protestors for the Pipeline which is currently being built

I then came to a huge climb that soon had me puffing and panting, as it was still thick fog I couldn’t see the top or where it was heading. Come on sun I said under my breath but still the fog remained.

Later I met a couple with their dog going southbound, his trail name was Invisible Man
That’s the perfect name for today “I laughed
The ladies name was Elaine just Elaine.
I wished them well and continued. I then met another couple I thought they were South bounders. but a few minutes later they were behind me. his trail name was Snow Boat and hers Grey Goose.
I walked with them for a while as it was nice to have the company. This trip was on his wife’s bucket list. So, at last they were hiking it. We talked about beer and other rubbish until the next shelter appeared.
The guide books say that it is closed due to dangerous trees that may fall.
As I approached I noticed the familiar face of 3-socks.
I dropped my pack and sat on the bench as it was lunch time. We all chatted for a while then it was time to walk. see you up the trail I said. as I hoisted my pack and set off.

At last the sun came out. hurrah I said to myself.
I pushed on then checked my map 2.5 miles to go great I thought.
But typically, the trail became awful. I crossed over large bridge then a road and re-joined the trail. up and up I went god who does the miles as I have been waking for hours.

Water. I need water. The next shelter that i woudl get to  had no water so at the next Spring I decided to top everything up.
As I approached the next shelter I recognised a figure it was ” Sunshine. My latest crush lol. Have you seen my buddy? She asked.
yes, I replied. he was just heading into the last shelter about 12 so I guess he’s about an hour behind me.
Are you staying she asked?
Nope, I want 5 miles more or untill its 5.30 I said.
I thought she had said that she was staying. so, she scared me half to death when she appeared behind me.
So sorry Snail she said as she bounded past me.
She has such a gorgeous arse, shame that I am not fast enough to follow. A big sigh.

okay I want 5 more miles to get me to 20. But typically, the trail turns to rock my least favourite surface. so, my pace drops to a crawl. then to my amazement there is a tortoise on the trail. I pick him up and look at him.
before moving him away from the trail so that  wouldn’t get hurt

I pushed on climbing, Ping went my watch telling me it was 5pm and time to camp. I spied a campsite but felt that it was too near the road and not the right camp .
Come on snail I said to myself as I was beginning to tire. after several more climbs I decided that the next flat spot would do me

Whoop. there is one.  and there by a tree was the hiker I had stayed with on the farm.
Do you mind if I camp here also?
Go ahead snail
I soon have my tent up.I walk over and sit with my fellow hiker  and make  tea . I’m am just drinking my tea when Speedy arrives. we chat for a while, but she is not staying. Speedy is fast and crushes miles
“Good luck and stay safe” I shout to her as she disappears down the trail
I hang my food bag then it’s zzzzxxx

miles walked 20. Night

Start 645
Finish 665
mileage 20 miles
Remaining 1525 Miles


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