Day 52 leaving Pearisburg

Again, I was woken by some very loud hikers, but I did have go get up.
I enjoyed my zero. it was what I needed.
I got up visited the bathroom. and grabbed coffee on my return. I am not a big coffee fan, but this coffee tasted good.  I sat on the porch with other hikers watching other hikers pass by

I took   another shower then slowly packed up my gear, Once I was almost ready I moved my pack to the veranda,
Next it was back to the post off to post 2 resupply boxes up the trail

On the way back, I came across Trypad, morning how  are you toddy and how’s Jess? as we were all a bit stuffy yesterday.
Once back at the hostel I paid my bill  said my goodbyes as  I hoisted up my pack and strolled  out and down the path.
I neared the grocery store, I thought I would   get some lunch as it was getting quite late .
I  ordered   a large ham & cheese  sub,  a bottle of lemonade and some  fruit
Okay  time to head back to the trail . I headed down the main road, it was now hot, after about 30 minutes I decided rather than carry my food and the trash afterwards I would stop now for an early lunch as it was 12.30.
I found a grassy verge, dropped my pack and began to devour my lunch.  I then found a bin to leave my trash before walking on.
I followed the main road for a while before re-joining the trail. As I approached the trail I noticed two other hikers It was Mary Poppins, who was eventually shorted to Poppins and her hiking partner peanut, who were both Aussies.
I wished them well and pushed on, there was a small climb before I emerged back out on the freeway.  I crossed over a large bridge that spanned several railway tracks and the huge river.
Once across the bridge, the trail   dropped down beneath the bridge before climbing back up the other side and heading into the forest

it was still hot as my watch pinged 5pm. okay I will do another hour. I pushed on and began to climb again through forest until I emerged onto the ridge. Up here was a huge mast so I switched on my phone and yes, service. I answered a few texts and sent a few more messages
A little further on was the next camp with a spring. As I entered I was in two minds whether to stay or push on.
I kept going,.
“I will do another hour” I said to myself.
Ping went my watch. God that was quick. as I turned the next corner. there in front was the perfect site for me
I dropped my pack. spread out my foot print then quickly put up my tent. throwing everything inside.
I quickly found a suitable branch to hang my food bag from. once done I returned to my tent and began to relax.
I made tea, then cooked my dinner. Once full I went and hung my food bag. I had just returned to my tent when it began to pour. that was lucky

Start 635
Finish 645
mileage10 miles
Remaining 1545 Miles


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