Day 52 Zero in Pearisburg

31 st May

I was woken by loud voices .

typical as I didn’t have to get up. I finally emerged at 8.30 went and took a shower before getting coffee.

My foot still seems swollen so I took more pills and then soaked my feet in a foot spa with Epsom salts.

I drank more coffee as my foot soaked .

Then I began to do my chores.

I am still missing a box I sent when I arrived in the US. and the tracking number got wrecked in the rain. so I don’t think I will see it again but I havnt yet given up hope.

so armed with some info I headed to.the P.o..

the lady in charge was very helpful so fingers crossed.

Whilst I was there I grabbed two postal boxes as I wasn’t sure of what size I needed.

Me t stop was the grocery store.

I was do I g my best not to spend air nut it was still pricy, but it did include a big juicy steak for tea.

Once back I decanted my food from their boxes to ziplocks then into my box from

The postoffice. I was halfway through when the heavens opened up.

I grabbed my stuff and ran to.the veranda where I finished my packing.

After that I soaked my foot again whilst I sat drinking beer

I was miles away when I received a text from jess she was in town.

I gave her directions to the hostel where I was staying.

it seemed ages before the figure of Jess came into view .It was so great to see Jess ( Blue grass) again

so we had plenty of hugs.

With Jess was tripod.again I haven’t seen him in a while .

we drank a few beers before they needed to go back to their hotel for chores.

I do finished. Up what i was doing. then went to their hotel to join them.

I took my steak and prepped food. we sat by the pool a d I cooked my steak on the BBQ as we drank beer.

After we went to the mexican bar for a few more then bed


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