Day 50 Heading to Pearisburg

wed 30th May.

It took me ages to go off to sleep . over tired not sure.
But I was excited to get into town grab a room and do nothing .
I was up by 6.30  made a brew  and was quickly packed and on the trail by 7.30.
It was another damp foggy morning as I set off along the trail. I passed through  numerous rhododendron tunnels  and because of  the dark misty morning  it was entering a cave,  it was so dark in places I couldn’t see where I was going and due to all the rain that had been falling parts of the trail were  lakes . As I had new socks on I tried to avoid these as best as I could.

I pushed on and on and began to climb  soon appearing  on the ridge, up here it was cold  and  so  I needed to hike faster to warm up.
I think about stopping to put my jacket on but pushed on. I then came across a familiar face, it was bob who was packing up his tent.
We said our normal hellos then I was on my way. But he would soon  catch me .
The trail dipped and climbed as I made my way through the mist. I then heard voices behind me it was Bob and happy Feet who had caught me.
We gave each other abuse as I watched them fade into the mist.
It must be the season as I passed under certain trees I  got  covered in tiny caterpillars or Inch worms .as my American friends say . They were  a pain  to brush off.
The trail  now began to now descend, it would be at least 3 hrs to get to the road but  the trail likes to surprise  surprises you  so  I then had huge rock steps which were very steep and slippery to navigate  down .. Such fun! omg. Then  for  more fun an assortment of rock to clamber over and lastly slick slippy  clay  to descend  down . I lost my grip twice and crashed to the ground swearing. once again, I wiped myself down and continued.
At last I arrived on the road my shoes caked in mud. I scuffed them along the road to clean them the best I could.
There was about a mile road walk to get to Town, Once  in the town I went straight  to the garage and brought some coke before heading off towards the  motels.
Dam no vacancies . I tried the next one ,the same full up.
Both were full of construction workers who were working on a new pipeline .
Several hikers  suggested the hostel
So  I made my way across the road and down towards the supermarket , The  hostel was somewhere behind it and I should  follow  the signs !!

Once behind the super market  I was lost  in other words  where was the hostel?
As I stood   there several hikers appeared  out  of  long  grass  several  yards away.
I walked  toward where they had appeared and  found  the path  to  the hostel.
As I walked in  there  were numerous  huts and  tents  and  picnic  benches  with  hikers  eating  drinking and chilling .
I  found  reception and   booked in , sadly  no   rooms  but  tenting will do me
I found a spot and put up my tent then went  for a shower, oh that felt so good.
once clean  I did my laundry before heading to the post office. as I  entered,  I met Handstand  who was picking up her re-supply Box, I posted my  worn-out socks  then headed  back to the hostel . On the way back I popped into the grocery store and brought beer, ice cream and some food for dinner.
Once back at the hostel  I  found out there was  a shuttle to Walmart, so I decide to go  for  a ride . I didn’t want much but managed to spend $50 I also brought a small bottle of bourbon, for these cold nights !
Once back I grabbed a beer and began to wade through a big bag of cherries that I had  just  purchased ,   I passed then around  to my fellow hikers. who were now gathered around the fire pit .
We sat drinking and chatting as Papa Smurf made a fire

It as also shapes birthday and she spent the whole day cooking for every one.
At 10 pm the feast was unveiled and  wow what an amazing spread she had made. Followed by an amazing cake.  after all that food it was bed.

Start 626.5
Finish 635
mileage 8.5 miles
Remaining 1555 Miles


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