Day 49 Heading To Doc Knob Shelter Mile 627

Tuesday 29th May.

I slept so well maybe it was the 6 pack of beer that helped. I finally emerged at 8.30 really late for me.

I walked over to the toilets then got my clothes out of the dryer. and my battery which was now fully charged.
The other hiker just returned from the garage after having breakfast. I decided to put my bag in the tumble for a few minutes while I had the opportunity, then I began to pack up but wasn’t really efficient this morning.
I made tea and instant oats
Then went to retrieve. my  sleeping bag and phone. oh my bag was so lovely and all fluffy so that I had trouble getting it back into its stuff sack.
okay let’s go .
I walked back towards the garage. Robin hood was sat outside
“How are you” I asked?
As I sat down with him, a lady appeared  and handed him a huge burger and chips and another burger to go.

Wow it looked so good so I ordered one too. It too shortly arrived and disappeared into my mouth. it was yummy.
Okay I better be going,  it was almost a mile back to the AT along a busy road.
Once back I climbed the steps trying to avoid getting my feet wet.
the trail begins to wind it’s way up and then I reach a crossroads with  signs  pointing to  a waterfall.
I  try and do these extra trails as  you never know what to expect. it was  point -3 of a mile or point-6 to get back to the trail
I headed down the trail listening to the roar of the water get louder and louder.Then they appeared and wow they were very pretty and well worth the walk.I  took a few  photos  thinking this  must  be a great place  on a hot summers day .
i spent a few minutes   before heading  back upthe path and rejoining the trail .

As I hiked  on the trail became marshsy and boggy such fun. I tried to avoid it for a while then gave up and decided to plough straight through
Splash ,splosh splash, some bits were like walking through tar and really sapped my energy . Arrrh. if it wasnt this crap then it was rock and if not rock it was roots Arrrh.
I was struggling today even though  i had  slept well and  had a lie in, but I  was sadly lacking   energy .
I listened to my watch ping the hours, but  i dare not look at my map. I entered and left  forests,I pushed on through tunnels of rodadendroms  and then back into sunlight at last it was 1pm that will do me for lunch.
I found a spot and relaxed took off my soaking wet shoes and socks. I squeezed out my socks they need rinsing as they are very gritty but a town is coming and I need a break.
I ended up taking a very long lunch break. .but then  struggled to start hiking again .
I pushed on down the trail,  I was trying to get to the second shelter, my goal for today but I was struggling . the trail was so rocky and being damp slippery,  I  hit  the deck , the second time grazing my leg.
I let out a few obscenities, wiped myself down and carried on mumbling under my breath. I must of zoned out as I jumped as another hiker and his dog appeared in front of me.
“So  sorry about” i said   as I had shouted. FUCK, when he startled me.
He laughed as we pass.
It was now 5.30 and I was beginning to tire. I just wanted to get to the shelter and put my tent up. At last it came into view and wow what a great shelter, almost brand new . with a large deck and it was fairly empty so I am  sleeping in tonight.

Happy feet then appeared from getting water.
We chatted as I put down my bedding then cooked together.
I like her as we can talk silly banter together and  rip  the  piss out of  each  other .
After  my brew and supper I went to hang my food  but as  Happy feet had already  thrown her line  so  allowed me  to add my bag to  hers .
As we walked back   we cahtted to another hiker, who had maged to get his line stuck  in the tree. I went  to se if i could help  and  was  able to free it for him.

Once  back at the shelter it  was bed

Start 609
Finish 627
mileage 18 miles
Remaining 1563 Miles


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