Day 48 Heading to Trents Grocery Store 600 miles

Monday 28th May I really slept so well and was amazed to find that my tent was dry as I had  rained during the night. I quickly packed up, retrieved my food bag then made tea, love my tea in the morning, once drank, I  stamped on the beer cans and I was ready. It was about a mile-ish to the Grocery store/ restaurant. I pushed on laughing to myself as I passed numerous tents shoehorned into tight spaces. A little way down the trail I came to Happy feet and Bob Marley who were packing up. Morning Guys , see you for breakfast. I said as I passed by I pounded down the trail passing through a large burn area. It looked like a controlled burn and seemed recent as the smoke still hung in the air. A little further I spotted a wild turkey, then another but they kept hiding behind trees. I pushed on, eventually exiting onto an asphalt road. signs warned me to be safe as it was busy. (I saw nothing) I followed the road until I came to a huge Electric pylon. The pylons stretched down the valley to the highway. I kept walking until I began to see houses then I saw the grocery store and Bob. Morning Bob. I left my pack and entered. the owner was busy cooking breakfast, so I grabbed a soda I will pay in a minute I said sitting down. I ordered the breakfast plate, which consisted of two Biscuits and gravy 2 fried eggs and bacon. Biscuits are like British scones covered in white sauce. and it’s rather tasty washed down with coffee. They also do a good range of foods to resupply Bob ordered the same as me. as we sat eating a stream of other hikers began to appear  and  soon the little  store restaurant was packed I polished off my breakfast, grabbed another soda and a few bits then I was ready. Bob was complaining that his tent was soaked but he has put his near the pylons and  it was fairly Dewy Happy feet, Fish and I said  well ours ours are  dry. Outside we  adjusted our packs and one by one headed back to the trail  all happily fed . It was a road walk for about a mile then the trail headed back into the forest and up I was feeling good, but the first climb was steep and endless and really sapped my energy plus I had a big breakfast inside me I chugged up the first hill, god it was steep., the next few hours were the typical rollercoaster up and down up and down. I eventually reached the first shelter, but as it was off trail, I decided not to visit it so pushed on. The rest of the day was similar ups and downs with not much to see. It was then that I decided that I wasn’t going to rush today and that I would stop at the second shelter put up my tent and relax. Yes, a short day and an early night. Happy with my plan I pushed on feeling happy and then began screeching at the top of my voice (singing) I was miles away when I emerged onto forest road. and there were several hikers congratulating me. Why? It took a moment for the penny to drop … I was at the 600-mile mark. Whoop whoop. We were still congratulating each other when a car pulled up and asked us if we fancied a beer. God yes so, we all grabbed a beer while we had our photographs taken. The lady driver had started hiking but had to stop and so she was giving away all her resupply boxes of food. as well as cakes and doughnuts more, food and more beer Again, thank you so much I was just enjoying another beer when Bob arrived. Where are you heading today Snail Bob asked? I am going to the next shelter 2.5 miles away. I replied There is a grocery store 9 more miles away that serves food and beer. Bob said Well Bob, if my feet can do it I will be there. I replied. We finished eating and drinking and headed back to the trail, Bob soon past me as he is fast and was soon out of sight I pushed on I hadn’t gone far when the heavens opened. It chucked it down. I pushed on splashing through the water.  I zoned out and just pushed on, weirdly I enjoy hiking in the rain . Up and down the trail I pounded until I reached a sign for the next shelter. Naw not today I laughed to myself pushing on I crossed a road and bridges, splashing and sloshing through the rain. I was shifting down the mountain until the trail became a muddy mess and I began slipping and sliding everywhere, I was scared that I may face plant. The rain had made the decent treacherous, I was grabbing hold of tree branches to slop me slipping and was worried that I may bend my poles.  At last it evened out as I entered a wide meadow and could hear rushing water. Eventually I arrived at a suspension Bridge, I crossed over staring at the murky waters below. as I crossed the bridge began to sway which was scary Once across I saw a hiker and tent. Which way to the store? I asked Take a left it’s a 1/2-mile walk I headed along the road, it was a busy road and   not a huge edge to walk along. after 10 minutes I crossed over as the path had vanished and I didn’t want to get mushed. At last I could see the store in the distance. at last I arrived at the garage/ Store. I dropped my pack and went inside I entered and ordered a   chicken tenders and fries.   then asked about camping it was $7 and I got a towel  and soap . When my food  arrived, I went outside as it was freezing inside with the aircon. As I walked up to one of the picknick tables I noticed Bob and sidestep. Hi guys I sat down with them and began to devour my dinner. They had decided to push on and were heading for the waterfalls to camp I finished my dinner then went to look for the campsite. I walked down the farm track before   noticing another tent, so I set mine up nearby. The site was basic but had a washer, dryer and showers. I sorted out my gear and then dumped my stinky clothes into the washer squirted  in some shampoo that I found and hoped for the best. The shower was next. They were a bit tatty, but the water was hot, and it felt so good to be clean. I airdried in the summer evening before walking back to the store to get some beer. I grabbed a six-pack, ice cream and gas before heading back to my tent. When I got back I swapped my cloths into the dryer, the other hiker named xxxxx had now appeared, He had a great southern accent., I shared a few beers with him as we chatted about life and the trail etc. As It gradually got dark and I was amazed to see all the fire flies whizzing around lighting up the dark Start Finish 611 mileage 22.6 miles Remaining 1579 Miles

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