Day 47 Heading To Bland

Sunday 27th May

As I had Cell service I edited and looked at far too much stuff and ended up going to bed far too late .
so slept well though and was up and packed by 7 am drank my tea and was on the trail by 7.30.
some people yesterday were saying that they were getting up early to watch the sunrise..But it was another pea- souper. I set off down the trail crossed into the woods and began to defend down a huge steep hill. My knees were not quite awake and so it was slow and painful. 3 faster hikers appeared so I stood back to let them pass.
The next three hours were PUDS. Omg they drive me nuts and to make things worse they were all rocky. My right foot seems to be healing but I still have to be careful with it and this stuff doesn’t help. Up and down up and down such fun .

I was just chugging up another up when I noticed a friendly face .
Hi happy Feet.
bloody Hell snail nice to see you.
She was camping with another bloke called “Bob Narly”. I wished them well and continued on after four hours my bladder ran out so I decided to stop for a snack
I was filtering water when an Austrian chap came past. he was rather portly and was not using sticks neither did he have any knee braces on.
I am amazed at you I said.
Ox knees was his reply.
I was still impressed. I finished filtering water and set off towards the shelter. it was about an hour away and wasn’t long till I arrived.
There were about 5 hikers here but the only one I knee was called fish.
I dropped my pack then took my fly and spread it out to dry in the sun. then had lunch and chilled .
One by one the hikers left stating their destinations which I thought was rather funny.
But then I wanted go get to the road and to the cafe ready for breakfast that was 22 miles or rather that would be my days total.
I was just getting ready to leave when happy Feet and Bob arrived.

It was hard leaving the shelter and now the sun was shining with all its might.
The trail was much nicer and I soon began to push out the miles . yep I can get to the road. As I made my way along I had to climb over numerous fallen trees for some reason this made me smile. The next water was at the road and this would be the last water for a while. So I needed to top up. as I began to descend i could  hear voices and could make out water. I wondered if it was kids playing?.
But when I emerged out from the forest and crossed the bridge I could see that it was trail magic.
Kate passed me a beer and then handed me a doughnut which was delicious . I drained the beer then grabbed a coke as I peeled and ate 2 satsuma’s.
Thank you so much I said as I devoured a blueberry muffin
Would you like to pack out a beer or 2 ?
Two I said . yes please and shoved two beers into my pack
I thanked them again then headed back to the trail.
I had only gone a little way  when I had to stop for water.
Typically weighed down with water and beer the trail climbed up and steep  and it was hot very hot . The sweat running down my back was running into my shorts and so my butt cheeks began to chafe.
But I didn’t want to stop., i pushed on my bottom  became more painful , 4 miles to go. but the pain was getting unbearable .
Boom went the thunder. perfect I thought I will grab the next flat spot so Typically there are none so I push on . As I rounded a corner I could see a tent it was Fish.
Great spot I cried. and  continued on  walking like John Wayne.
There that would do I can get  my tent in there.
My tent was soon up and once up I threw every thing inside before attending to my sore botty . I located a tree to hang my food from. next tea. couscous and salmon tonight washed down with beer.once I  was fed I hung my food bag.

Once done i retired to my tent with my beer.

location mile 588.4
miles hiked 19.2


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