Day 47 memorial Day

Saturday 26th May

I slelt really well but woke to the sound of rain drops. but they quickly stopped so I began to pack up as my water boiled

I also had instant oats . I was just finishing up when handstand and her crew came by.

I drained my tea then set off.

I liked the way my vest fitted after surgery to the arms..

I set off at a good pace it was overcast and in the forest quite steamy. some breeze please.

It wasn’t long until i was climbing. and climbing in fact I was for most of the morning. then it began to drizzle so I stopped andput my pack cover on.

then back to the trail. but then the sky opened up and it really began to rain. Being in the forest I was fairly sheltered but then I emerged into a open meadow and so soon was soaked. but I pushed on I seemed to be crossing meadow after meadow. untill I arrived st the road. There was a sign for a hostel I thought about it briefly but then crossed the road and headed back to the trail. and another field.

This is when the trail really annoys me as it .ost did a figure of eight through the field. Arrrh…. I then moved into the forest but to get in I had go climb a huge stile and would climb another to get out.

as I dropped down in the distance I could see the river. It began to get closer the lower I traveled. I then followed it alo g for a while .There had been a recent tree fall and so the river looked swollen.

I crossed the bridge and began to climb eventually coming to the first shelter.

There were two hikers there. Preacher and Fish. I signed the book swing that Bob had been there.

I began to leave .The two hikers asked where I was going

The second shelter came my reply.

May see you there snail they both said. Your both pass me I laughed.

I set off down the trail following another creek .I followed it for ages . Untill I began to climb. On this part of the trail there were numerous trees down across the trail. Some were quite difficult to get over or around.

I pushed on and the sun came out making the forests steamy again. I stopped to check my maps for water. As i did fish came past. caught you Snail.

Fish soon disappeared up the trail. I set off After him and began to drop down into a road.

Again as I got nearer I could see people. There was a white van dishing out trail magic.

Cold soda and ice cream my fav . I was handed a lemon soda and a Lilly I woofed both.

They also had a huge Black Labrador who was fetching trees from.the forest like my dog .

I thanked them both for my treats and headed back to the trail. This last 5 miles was up and bloody tough after an hour I passed a bunch of tents. That seemed a good idea. but I pushed on . The switchbacks started gentle but quickly became insainly steep.

Omg I said as I chugged up this bloody mountain . I paused at a tent spot but carried on . god this is steep. Then I emerged into more meadows that carried on forever. with no where to tent. I past by a group of girls resting I said hi and pushed on several hours later j was still crossing more meadows but wow the view was amazing but I was tired.

This meadow seamed endless. I had had enough but there was no where to stop. then I saw au tent it was fish who had squeezed his in a small clearing.

Snail water is down there.

I went and got water .It was good. then it was my .1 mile to the shelter.

hurrah I’m here. I expected it to be full and it was . but there were faces I knew. 3 socks and Bob.

I got my tent up then went to the shelter to cook . my first cuppa tasted fab .I then make supper and more tea before heading to my tent. I hung my food then chilled.


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