Day 45

Thurs 25

woke up early the two boys were also awake.

I visited the loo then packed up .

once packed I was on my way.

I had 10 miles easy right !.

I hoisted up my pack and set off the trail was good and do as I marched I ate an apple that I had carried out


I felt good so was almost.ost speeding down the trail . .

I was in forest sonitvwas nice and cool as I pushed the miles.

eventually o came to a large bridge with a sign box .

I stopped signed my name then crossed over the wide bridge. once over I began the customary climb. I climbed for about an hour before the trail leveled out I was now cruising until I saw a familiar figure.

It was Pig Pen

wow great to catch you .as I have been chasing you

You took your time snail she said nut we k ew you were close.

Amy or Zippy is in front she ssys . Pig Pem is still.packimg

so I say goodbyes and head off to chase Zippy down.

the trail is typically ‘PUDD” Pointless ups and downs but it’s rock that kills my feet specially my right foot.

I push on for several hours unroll my foot yells SYOP

My foot is killing me do I have to stop and I remove my shoes and state at my foot I take 4 ibpropen and put my shoe back on as Pug pen comes by.

She looks at my foot .days that’s looks painfully and moves on .

after 5 mins break I set off After. her. .I have extra power as I race long thevtrsil and eventually emerge at a ish shelter. I walk towards the road and past the visitor centre.

Hey guy going to town a voice says

Yes please .and I board a yellow bus .

on board is Bob, Pig Pen, Zippy and 3 other hikers .

soon we are on route to marion we pass all the trout hstcherirs I lernt. about.

we the other Hikers then we go to the hotel.

I split a room with Bob and it’s expensive and very posh but lovely.

once in our rooms I jump straight into the. shower.

I select my less smelly clothes and we go for lunch

I have a side salad them an amazing beer sandwich washed down with 2 sprites .

after Bob and I grab a 6 pack each and go back to the hotel.

we sit on the balxancy and drink our beer.

later zippy s girlfriend and put pens mum arrives so we head out for dinner and more ale .

so many beers later it’s bedtime


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