Day 41 leaving Damascus

21st May 18 Monday.

I woke early and dozed. getting up at 7.30 to go get coffee.
I returned to my dorm and packed up. once packed I took my pack down and put it in the lobby. I then put the rest of my change into the cash box .

Okay chores I set off to the post office I posted a box of miscellaneous stuff to friend Tartan and then sent some maps home so my kids can track me if they want. job done , I headed to the pharmacy and presented my prescription. They then said if had rang the number they would of opened up for me !!! Arrhhh.
They handed me a orange container with my precious tablets in . I whooped under my breath as I made my way back to the hostel, grabbed my pack and hoisted it onto my back.

I set off along the creeper tail which is an old train route that has been turned into a cycle route . it used to be the AT once but the At now follows a new route that joins up with this in 8 miles time. But this trail is a low gradient. I hiked this to give my foot chance to recover.
This trail took me through some great parts of town, parts I should have explored at the weekend.
As I hiked on I  recognised 2 people walking towards me .. it was Whitety and Carmen
Hi guys where are you going ?
Whitety said that he had left his phone at Dan and Beth’s so  he was going back to get it
Carmen was heading to the P.O.
See you up the trail guys as i   we headed in opposite directions
I hiked on until I came to a car park with toilet and bins.. I was just about to leave when a man came running over.
I have trail magic  he  stammered
I waited and he re-appeared with fruit, Gatorade and beer.
As i was drinking my beer a  large green truck appeared and two men appeared to be fishing from it.
What they were actually doing, was restocking the river with brown trout. They breed them up in Marion and then release them all along the river.
I was fascinated and they were both  very chatty.
Time to walk and it was  now getting hot although  in the distance I could hear the rumble of thunder. mmm will I get wet?

It began to drizzle so I stopped and put my rain cover over my pack and then Bang and crash and it began to chuck it down .I am used to the rain so pushed on . a group of hikers caught and passed me, i tried to keep with them But as the rain got heavier they detoured maybe to a cafe.
I pushed on and  as  the trail turned imnto a river  and soon my feet were soaked. The trail was also covered inroots   twisting my feet  and making them hurt  again.
I stopped and checked my map, Not far to the shelter which wil probably  do me.
I pushed on .. tents I can see tents. whoop and there is the shelter and there was Speedy.
Hi speedy I said
The shelter was full, although  most of them were moving on or  camping so I put out my bed and then made tea .
I then went to get water , it was here that i missed myy plastic cup as i neded a scoop.. But hey I’ve made that choice.
I returned  to the shelter and began to cook my tea . as I cooked more people arrived and others left. some of the guys made a fire and soon there was a great  atmosphere.

But I was done.

Start 469
Finish 486
mileage 17 miles
Remaining 1706 Miles


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