Day 40 3rd Zero in Damascus

Sunday 20th May

I slept really well and wss in no hurry  to leave  so  dozed . Eventually I got up  and went downstairs. grabbed a coffee then scuttled back to my bed to drink it in between dozing.
One person had all ready gone , but the others were still sleeping.
At 8.30.I decided to make move and emerged from my bunk. I wanted to visit the pharmacy and grab a few bits.
As I walked down the road a hiker named white rice joined me.
Where are you going snail?
I’m pottering, but need to walk to the out of town store.
I’ll come too he said !!!.
I visited the local shop  first as I wanted some cherries or similar as they may help my toe .(Gout) Inside was Blue grass (Jess) and Danimal.
I said to them both of them that I was hiding from white Rice. They both laughed.
As I came out of the shop WR joined me .
Okay, I want a quick walk through the festival to see if there were any bargains.” I said  As we were walking we met Big Red and Magic. who were heading to get breakfast .
“Oh I will come join you”. White-Rice said and headed off with them.
I gave a big sigh, promptly turned around and headed out-of-town.
It was about 3/4 a mile to the shops. on the way I passed Handstand, Dupont and Phoenix. how goes it guys ?
At last I was at the shops, i walked in and made my way to the pharmacy counter only to find that it was shut. Bollocks I said to myself
I stood in disbelief for a while, before deciding to grab some shopping. I brought a salad for lunch ,some fruit, cranberries and cherries and some more painkillers
I did think about visiting the brewery  that was just a little  further , but it wasn’t open for a while, so I headed back to the park . Most of the vendors were slowly packing up and some had gone all ready.
I got a new titanium pot for $30 they were $70 yesterday. Bargain……
As I walked along I heard some great music so sat down to listen it was only when the Pastor  waled on did i realise that I was in a church service .  I  didnt want  to  just stand up and  walk  out    branded a unbeliever  or  something  so sat there for a fair while.
At last I could escape and made my way back to the Hostel where I sat in the shade and made my salad, added sauce and tuna fish then devoured it. I followed  this with  an orange and apple .
I then sorted out my food bag and relaxed before taking a shower.
Once clean I thought that I would take another wander around town. I grabbed 2 t-shirts for $20 then visited the library to try and use the Wi-Fi.
But after 10 mins I gave up as the signal was rubish so wandered back to the hostel. where I spent the afternoon catching up on my chores.
By  now i was hungry again  so went in search of somehere to eat , and now  trail days was over  the  choice was very limited

I found a small pizza place. it was tasty but I believe all frozen and came with plastic cutlery and plastic glasses. I  enjoyed a few  beers    before wandering  back to my  hostel  and  decided on an early night

Start 469
Finish 469
mileage ZERO
Remaining 1723 Miles


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