Day 39 zero in Damascus

friday 18th May

I slept so well on the sofa waking at 8.30 and dozing.

Tank was in the armchair and whitety was on the other sofa

Beth was Making coffee so I grabbed a coffee.

Then dan began to make breakfast scrambled egg hash and bacon . So tasty.

Once I had eaten I wandered down to the post office.

no sign of my bounce box sadly but new shoes whoop and my other box which I then bounced to my friend in Texas.

I walked back to The house and tried to find the post office number. Beth lent me her phone to try and contact them .

But after being on hold for ages I gave up I will retry tomorrow.

every one else had walked down to the festival. I continued to edit some video then went to the festival too.

I entered several competitions

looked at the kit. tents .hammocks. some envy. But I couldn’t see osprey packs

I kept meeting my hiker family which was great . by now I was hungry so went and grabbed lunch and a soft drink as. Open Alcohol is banned from the town

whilst I ate lunch I listened to several bands that were playing.. As I sat there a hiker I met several days ago joined me and then so did Dan.

The other hiker was saying that osprey and big Agnes a d several other venders were set up there.

I made my way back to the house and found my pack and began to empty evrry thing out

I was going to walk to tent city when Beth offered to drive me.

I wandered through the vender part and found Osprey.

I haggled on a pack for a while and got a 20% discount on a pack but in town. Then I got my Hip belt repaired. I then managed to get a ride back to town but unfortunately the store. didn’t have either of the bag a that I wanted .

But hey I have a new hip belt.

I wandered back to the house a d was eased to see big Red had arrived.

I gave him big hug then put my now dry tent away

and joined the guys on the porch for a beer

as we are going Magic and tent less arrive and it’s like a party .

We spent the whole evening there untill the Pizza arrived followed by more beers. But Omg it’s midnight


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