Day 36 Heading to Double spring Shelter Mile 451

I woke to pouring rain and decided to use the bathroom first.
Then I packed as much kit into my pack as I could before trying to take my tent down from within.
It took a while as every thing was soaked but soon I was packed I wandered up to the hostel . Dan & Beth were having breakfast so i joined them and  poured myself a coffee grabbed a banana and several nectarines and enjoyed the moment. I grabbed another coffee then filled my water bladder and I was ready . I was just about to leave when  i fancied a lemonade so brought a tin  that  I quickly drained.
Some hikers were Slackpacking this is where they are dropped up the trail with out their pack then hike back.
I personally think this is cheating or not in the spirit of hiking, but that’s my opinion.
It didn’t happen on the PCT but seems common on this trail.
As I made my way down the road I remembered my pizza in the fridge oh well I’m not going back now . I crossed the road and began the trail which took me around a beautiful lake or it would have been if the mist wasn’t hiding it
It was  pouring with rain as I followed the trail around the lake.
As I came to a junction I was confused on which way to go, as I was deciding  which  way to go .three American hikers  that i met  yesterday appeared.
Straight on they  said
I let them pass , then tagged onto their train and followed them for many miles as I liked their pace amd  could keep with them.
Eventually they stopped for a break ,but i carried on until I came to the first shelter my lunch stop so  I dropped my packed and was relaxing when the 3 Americans appeared .
I enjoyed  my  beak and lunch and then was just about to leave when Beth and Dan turned up.  We  chatted  as we walked, discussing mileage . What did I need to do!
Okay, so 20 miles will take me here. or 23 will take me to.!!
I fancied the last option , so pushed on as Dan & beth  took a break. I hadn’t gone far when it began to chuck it down. I pushed on pounding through the puddles.
I seem to be able to hike much faster in the rain, maybe it was because the ground was soft, or  maybe because  I could switch my brain off.
It wasnt lomg until  the  second shelter came into view. I stopped ,signed the book before pushing on as  I was on a mission and wanted that 23 miles .
At last the rain stopped and the sun tried to shine meaning that i neded to stop to take off my rain jacket as I was soon roasting.
I stoed my  jacket  before  contnuing  on, it was now  hot  but the trail still resembled a river , but i felt  good as  i pushed on .
Eventually I emegerd  out by  a road, I looked around the trail head and  noticed another hiker  named called Green bean sat on the fence We chatted for a moment before i crossed over the road.
The first mile had been especially designed for wheelchair users and so the gradient was very low as it snaked through the field.

At the end of this stretch was a view-point with an actual perfect view of the mountains.
I sat on the bench and  took a few snaps before moving on, The next field had cows in the first that I had seen on this trail. I crossed into the field and followed huge stone blocks that marked the trail. The hours ticked by as my legs began to grow weary , now where is that shelter.
I came to water and automatically filled up, there were  some nice spots to put my tent. But no I wanted that 23 miles so pushed on .

At last  the  shelter and my traget for the day appeared , okay need a place for my tent . Theres room inside a voice said ,
Great  i  said  and  dropped my pack
A hiker named  3 socks asked if I wanted to finish her spaghetti. ?
I grabbed the packet and woofed the content. then set up my bed before cooking my own supper.
As we sat there , mice began scurrying about in the rafters.Nice!
and it wasnt even dark
There were 5 of us in the shelter and soon we were all asleep.

Start 428
Finish 451
mileage 23 miles
Remaining 1739 Miles


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