Day 33 Heading to Mountain Harbour Hostel

Sunday may 13th

As I was close to town I could afford the luxury of a lie in. So enjoyed the time.
At 7.30 I unfit my zip and peered out .I half expected Bob to be gone. But no, he also slept in.
I retrieved my food bag and began to make tea. Then a few hikers began to appear god they must have gotten up really early. One of them,  Amy was in Bob’s posse she was on trail by six. You go girl.
I made tea the. ate a honey bun like a Danish but with 4 times the calories.  omg it was yummy.  I then slowly packed up. and I was soon. on the trail.
I only had about 7 miles to do. But standing before me was huge mountain. I stood and stared at if before beginning the climb. Luckily there was a nice cool breeze.
I chugged up it little by little. stopping at about a 1/4 to video and again at half way and at the top. I have to say that the views were amazing. But I am done with mountain’s. I would like to see something new!  But some how I do not think that I will.

Once over the trail snaked its way across some lush meadows before deciding to head down. Again it started nice but then turned to Ankle twisting rock. i battled through this for about an hour until the trail passed through some nice cool forest crossing several streams.
I was spiralling down whilst listening to the beautiful bird song. Most of the birds I have seen have been tiny finch like but the most amazing colours.
I continued my spiral decent for about another 2 hours until I began to hear traffic.I began to follow a stream. that kept getting bigger until I arrived at the road.
Okay snail left for Roan or right for Elm Park and beer.
I turned left and as I walked along the road i noticed a sign for the Harbour hostel.
Well that will do me. I. carried on walking and soon entered, It was really nice and very CLEAN
I Signed for tent spot $10 washing a dollar and all you can eat breakfast in the morning $12.
I dumped my clothes into the machine after soaking my socks for 40 mins yes they need it. Then to the shower OMG they were good .
Once we. it was lunch I had the AT burger a  12 0z burger and fries washed down. with cherry coke
Then after I dozed until I had room for ice cream I did a pint of strawberry cheesecake yummy with more soda no Beer here !!
After I went to put up my tent in by the river so may be condensation in the morning.
Once my tent was up I finished my chores ie laundry and resupply and ordered supper. Healthy chicken salad
now I’m now in my tent doing my journal night


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