Day 31 Johnnys Hostel

Again I slept really well waking around 7 and just dozing as I hadn’t and on leaving unroll after lunch.

Happy feet who camped next to me was gryo g to use up gas canisters and so was boiling water for people so I grabbed my cup and tea bag.

slowly woke up and visted the loo .it’s such a treat to be able to flush a toilet.

I drank my tea and chattedto Happy feet and optimist. I was telling her about loosing my stakes but I really wanted go get a pole repair sleeve just in case

Then I began to slowly pack sway my tent as it was forcast to rain and I wanted a dry tent.

As I dragged my pack out of my tent my tent stakes fell out I looked at happy feet and she looked at me. WTF I said I e just brought new ones. I emptied my pack out at the chapel In hot springs and they were not there then Oh well I now have spares.

At that moment Danimal appeared .said hi and that Jess was also here. I went to find Jess and say hi and showed her my stakes which made. her laugh I also have her back the two that I had borrowed.

It was noessw really Sunny as I do finished my packing. I brought my pack to the front of the building and joined Jess we had a couple of breakfast beers as you do then Mike gave me a ham Sandwich that was huge.

There was a shuttle going to town for breakfast. but i was going to go in on the lunch time one get pizza and a few bits from the store.

So relaxed chatting to new and old friends un till it was shuttle time. Omg about 25 of us squeezed into the bus.(wouldn’t happen in the UK)

He dropped us at the store. I got most of what I needed then crossed theroad to the other store and did the rest.

I wasn’t really hungry so sat on a bench decanting my food in to Ziploc bags whilst munching on a bag of grapes. Several other hikers joined me as we waited for the bus to return.

Once back I quickly phoned AT&T to renew my phone contract. I weighed my pack a d was pleased in was now 40LB but that’s without the new food that j had must brought or 2 2liters of water

But I was happy. I stuffed all the extra stuff in my pack. Then peeled a orange to pack out( didn’t want to carry the peel ) . One last check I said my good bye as I hoisted my pack there were several very large claps of thunder.

I am going guys I said as i headed towards the bridge.

It began to rain but just a drizzle. but I didn’t care Yet !

I back groaned under the weight of my pack as I found my stride. I crossed the bridge then followed the railway track before crossing over it and up.

I knew I had some big climbs as it was a long climb down into Town.

I climbed a bit I came down I climbed a bit then I came down I climbed some more, then did some sketchy rock climbing which will a full pack was no fun. then I was in the forest climbing but gentle. I was follow g the river up and crossed over if about 5 times using very sturdy bridges.

the sun now decided to come out which was nice to see unroll I started a mega climb a d with the sun I was soon roasting. Omg it was hot ……

Omg it was steep. never bloody ending, up and up and up some more .it was endless at last it begs. to level out a x at 5 pm I cruised into the next shelter.

There were 5 other hikers here and several tents were up.

I signed the shelter register then sat for a moment to recover after that climb.

It was 5 pm I pondered and pondered some more then hoisted my pack and said I am going on .so wanted another 4 miles …. I can do that I thought and off I went ..The next part of the trail was rubbish all rocky so I was stumbling over it. The part was all roots which really hurt my feet Arrhhh I shouted at myself. Eventually it became the terrain that I like a d I began to speedup in till a snake shot out in front of me.

That stopped me dead I video it in till it left then I was Ba k to my target up and down . Round and round I went The sun still hot. I the. caught up with Maps there were several camp spots but she was concerned about Wind!!

I left herto it as I was heading on. as the next hour passed I began to look for suitable places…… Then at last. that will do me.. But then you have to find a suitable tree to hang your bag. Must be my lucky day perfect.

I through my food over the tree and amazingly on. the first go

So that puta smile on my face.

I walked back to my tent spot quickly got my tent up. my bed inflated and soon I was cooking my supper.

Once done I hung my bag , the. headed to my tent Caught up on my journal. Checked my maps for tomorrow

Bed milage 8 miles pleased with that

please not videos are on Facebook I will add more photos later



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