Day 31 Heading to Clyde Smith Shelter Mile 370

I slept well ,waking to a lovely morning, my fly was a bit damp due to condensation, but it wasn’t soaked.
I put on a brew,followed by a bowl of instant oats before getting ready to hit the trail. I was soon packed and hoisted up my pack.

I knew I had a few climbs early   well that’s as far as I dared look.
I was soon back on trail and continued my way.    It wasn’t long until I arrived at some pylons  that one of my fellow hikers was aiming for.
It  was a great view if I could only  erase the pylons out of the picture.
I  pushed on and began climbing, it was already warm and  so I was soon puffing and panting as I struggled  up my first climb eventually emerging
out into a lovely meadow , Wow  so  pretty. I  went to take a drink,Nothing , dam I thought my hose  must be kinked. Once I start hiking I do not like to stop  but  I was hot and thirsty  so  had no choice .
I dropped my pack and  checked the hose  which  yes was kinked.
I adjusted it  then threw my pack up onto my shoulders  but  FUCK !!!
As I slung up my pack I accidentally stood on the hose ripping off the bite valve, which shot into the air and into the Unknown .  Immediately my precocious water began to leak all over the ground. I moved quickly to stem the leak   and dropping my pack. Once that was done I began a fruitless search for the bite valve. After 20 minutes   I gave up.
Losing my bite valve was a complete pain as I like to hike without stopping but without it I will need to stop more often to refill my water bottles Arrrhhh.
But what is done is  done  , maybe I can get another today ?I  hiked on and  to my next climb, I was a bit concerned as I was fairly low on water and it was 5 miles until the next, Oh well I thought I just need to take it easy.
I had  just started  climbing when I came across a hiker named Brear Rabbit.
Did you see the water, He asked?
No I hadn’t,
Its just across the road  he said ,
As I didn’t think could do 5 miles  in the sun and whilst climbing I though it only wise to  go  back and get some. I thanked him and  made my way back down the mountain. quickly found the water that I hadn’t spotted earlier.
I topped up my bottles then  set  off back up the mountain.
I soon caught Brear Rabbit as he was slower than me, I thanked him again for the Info and pushed on
As I came over the summit I noticed a tree that was decorated, it was a shrine of memorial to a young lad who had died very young. I paused to read the tribute’s, which were very moving. While here I took a 10 min break too. Whilst resting Brear Rabbit appeared we chatted some more.

I pushed on and was soon in my stride, my goal was Cherry Gap shelter which was about 6 miles away .But due to the missing valve , i was slower as I had to keep stopping to  top up with water, which was a complete  pain .
At 12 pm I decided to take  lunch  as I  was struggling , but that was mainly because I kept stopping to chat to people ,
After lunch I was in a better mood as I came to Cherry Gap shelter, but I wanted more miles so continued.

My new target was now 5 miles away, as I began to drop down I met another hiker going southbound, He was a professor (teacher) we chatted a bit and explained about my Bite valve.
To my amazement he had one that he didn’t use. After 5 minutes rummaging through his pack he produced the bite valve.
Thank you, thank you so much I was so grateful.
I continued on with a huge smile on my face.
The rest of the day was a roller coaster of ups and downs and ups and downs. Eventually the Clyde Smith Shelter came  into view,
as I arrived Bumble Bee and her Hubby were here, another hiker  called nopoles  handed me water as i looked very warm.
I thanked him and  drained it , Thanks so much i said .
I then went and found a spot , as i walked  past the shelter i spotted handstand , and  several  new  hikers that I didn’t know .
I set up my tent then went to get water , whilst here i washed my socks and myself before  heading back.  One  of the girls was cooking dinner on a log so i went and joined her, Then another Girl  called Amy   joined us ..
After  dinner i hung by  back then hit my bed
Considering  the day    i had i was pleased to  get  here

Start  369
Finish 369
mileage 17.8 miles
Remaining 18 Miles


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