Day 30 To Erwin

as I was so impressed with my milage yesterday I thought I would enjoy the luxury of lie in. I slept so well so lay dozing as the sun began to shine on my tent. AT 8 I got up went to visit the privy. this one was basically a toilet sat in the woods.

After I lowered my food bag and scuttled back to my tent where I made tea and a Insta t breckfast. after munching that

I stripped my tent and was packed but decided that I would have another cuppa.

Once drunk I hoisted my pack and walkedback to the shelter.said my good bye and wandered out via the water source where I stopped and washed my socks. I then tied them to my pack and returned to the trail.

The trail started gentle but then shot straight up and once again it was steep a d so it wasn’t long beforeI was sweating like a pig and puffing like a train .god it was steep then imeaditly it went straight down. without a view to look at.

WTF was that I muttered to myself. and this was today’s agenda up and down for no apparent reason. it killed me .

I like to do 4 hours before a break but this was killing me .

I stopped for water and scoffed a few snacks then back to climbing I was determined to get to the next shelter before I stopped but I was struggling and it was hot.

At last the shelter.but this one had no water.. REALLY!!!!

There were about a dozen other hikers all flaked out from the climbing and the heat so I joined them. dropped my pack stripped off my soaking top a d laid it out on the table then set lunch.

One by one the other Hikers began to peel away.

reluctantly I packedup and set off in pursuit. it was six miles to Town but a few more crazy climbs . again some seemed pointless. Due to no water at the shelter I was a bit low and so was trying to drink less. Not so much fun as the temperature began to rise. I slogged it another huge hill willing it to be the last. sadly it wasn’t

I had several more rollercoaster hills again WTF..

Then at last I caught glimpses of Erwin or rather the river and railway. I stopped and watched a train. then continued I had 1.5 miles to go and it was down. Eventually I emerged onto the road. I fancied the motel but infront of Me was the hostel

I walked up and saw familiar faces and a beer was thrust into my hand and camping was $17 inc shower so I paid then brought 6 new shimmy tent stakes.

I found a spot and put up my check the hiker boxes.

NB THIS is where hikers ditch their excess food, kit and other stuff.

I was lucky a big batch of meals. so I added them to my food bag.

I then went and joined the other smelly hikers on the veranda.

hikers have a thing about beer and so as soon asthey get to town every one grabs a 20 pack of beer. the. decide hat they can’t drink it all before hiking out so it gets left in the fridge.

so free beer ..Why thank you sir.

group of hikers had taken the shuttle earlier to walmart but S I was still finding my feet I didn’t go. but then the lady offers to take me and robin hood to get. burger and shake.

I ordered 2 fries a double bacon and cheese burger and banana shake.

OMG It was the best banana milk shake I had had in ages.tje fries were so tasty and the burger I struggled to eat as it was massive

Once back I jumped in the shower washed my stinky stuff then back tongue veranda.

I posted video which was a relief as I don’t like it all saved on my phone…..Just in case!!!

I chatted to old and new friends . toasted a friends father for sending him some good bourbon. toasted my late brother. drank a few more beers then bed.

I did 16 miles today and itvwas tough night all


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