Day 29. Big Day

I was woken by the red glow of someone getting up

“Shelter etiquette if it’s dark you put on. your red light so you do not blind people.”

I dozed until 5.30 then decided that I too would get up. I put on my shoes visited the loo. grabbed water then let down my food bag.

I then packed up and was on the trail by 6.45.

it was chilly but I would soon warm up.i set off down. the trail it was early. I started climbing straight away but to my amazement it was not a big climb. and I was soon in lush meadow. the. trail was really gentle which made me more annoyed that I didn’t carry on last night.

The trail was perfect and so it wasn’t long till I arrived at the next shelter. Tentless was just leaving.

I said to him if I had known that the trail was goingto be this good I would have gone on!

I stopped to sort out my water then set off after him but he’s got long legs and he’s fast. as I pounded Dow. the trail I caughtsight of a backsideof a bear as it crashed down through the bushes. I pushed on in till I decided to take a break I scoffed a packet of peanuts and some skittles.

I next had a big climb omg it was steep and endless. thankfully most of it was in the shade. a little wayup there was a beautiful waterfall.i paused for breath then continued on and up. eventuallyI emerged out onto a lovely meadow but still the trail continued to climb.

Why is the AT so so steep I climbed for most of the morning and into the afternoon. AT last the trail began to spirall down through a cool forest.

At last I .came to the next sheter I had my 16 miles a d it wasn’t quite 2pm as I approached The shelter Tentless was again leaving.

Stay safe I said and continued.At the shelter there was tripad and 2 other hikers.

Where is the water I asked.

its miles away And shitty was the reply.

But I needed water so set off with my bottle bladder and cup. it was a long walk and wasn’t good water but I needed it 10 minutes later I was on my way back.

I made tea and ate my lunch. I was just packing up when it began to rain . I put on my pack a cover and my coat.

Then hoisted my pack and set off. The next shelter was 10 miles away Could I do that ?

As usual it was up and so it wasn’t long before I was overheating. so stopped to remove my coat.

for the next 5 miles the trail was a gentle roller coaster then as I was coming down I spied Tentless and his new companion. I waved a d carried on. but as soon as I had passed them the trail just went up a d continued up for the next 5 miles. and it was muddy a d slippery ..Nightmare.

I pushed on and on but was beginning to tire. I stopped and checked my map, But then wished I hadn’t as the shelted was still miles away. I stopped and put my headphones in turnedup the volume and pushed on.

but I was struggling with this mud. Then anotherhiker appeared not far snail he said as be passed by.

But it was I climbed another huge hill. if I had water I would. of stopped but I didn’t.

Eventually I emerged on a hilltop with amazing views all around. But I was at climbing.

I continued for another hour then I saw a hiked on the opposite hill. Fuck No I said to myself.

I quickend my pace but I was knackered. I charged a ross the meadow as the other Hiker disappeared from view.

Omg it’s too far I said to myself. then took a huge slurp of lemonade then began. to slowly crawl up the hill following the blazes across another meadow then another before beginning to head down.

a d once again slippery mud omg it was scary.

I was so so pleased to see the shelter sign..Fben were a dozen people sat around the fire.

I said hi then went to find a tent spot.

I quickly putup my tent the. grabbed my food a d stove and walked back to the shelter. I got water made tea made supper. hung my food .made hot chocolate then went to bed

milage today 27 miles whoop


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