Day 28 Heading to Bald Mountain Shelter Mile 327

I was awoken by the red glow of someone getting up
“Shelter etiquette”  if it’s dark you put on your red light so you do not blind people, But  that  red glow was  still bright
I dozed until 5.30 then decided that I too would get up. I put on my shoes visited the loo, grabbed water then let down my food bag. I was pack and  on the trail by 6.45
It was chilly, but I would soon warm up as stomped off down the trail. I  had  dreaded my first climb , but to my amazement it was not that big and I was soon at  the top  and  in  a lush meadow. The  trail was level and a joy to walk  along   that  made me annoyed that I didn’t carry on last night.
AS  the  trail  was so “perfect  it wasnt  long until I arrived at the next shelter and was surprised  to see  that  Tentless was just leaving.
” If I had known that the trail was going to be this good I would have gone on last night  ” I said
I stopped to  grab water , before setting  off after him, but as he’s got long legs and fast I  doubt  if  I would catch him
As I  pounded down  the trail,  I caught sight of bears  backside  as he crashed down through the bushes. i  was pleased with my first  sighting  but  i want  to see  more.
I pushed on in until I needed to take a break I scoffed a packet of peanuts and some skittles.
Next I had a big climb,  which  would be  endless and steep. Thankfully most of it was in the shade, a little way up there was a beautiful waterfall so I paused for breath and a few photos before continuing on and up. eventually I  emerged out into a lovely meadow but still the trail  still continued to climb.
Why is the AT so so steep ?  i asked myself  and  the answer was because it  is
I climbed for most of the morning and into the afternoon until at last the trail began to spiral down through a cool forest. I pushed on until  i  arrived at a sign  pointing out the way to  the next shelter.
I decided  to  haed  to  the shelter  take  lunch  and  get  water  as i  ade my  way down the blue  blazed trail  i ran into Tentless  and Red stripe  who  once againwere just  leaving ,
“I  may  catch  you later and Stay safe”  I said and continued on  down the trail
I arrived at the shelter  at   2pm  , and  had  completed 16miles   which i was very pleased with.
At the shelter, was Tripod and 2 other hikers.
“Where is the water| I asked.
“Its miles away and shitty” was the reply.
But I needed water so set off with my bottle bladder and cup.  It was indeed  a long walk and no, it wasn’t good water but I needed it. 10 minutes later, I was on my way back.
I made a brew  and ate a late lunch. I was just packing up when it began to rain so quickly  packed up  my  things  and  put  my  pack  cover on and rain jacket then i was ready.
I hoisted my pack and set off, the next shelter was 10 miles away, could I do that ?
THe trail was soon climbing once more  and  so it wasn’t long before I was overheating so had to stop to remove my coat.
For the next 5 miles the trail was a gentle roller coaster then as I was  decending  once more I spied Tentless and his new companion. I waved and carried on. but as soon as I had passed them the trail became a  nightmare   it was muddy  and very slipperyinued up for the next 5 miles. and it was muddy and slippery.
I pushed on through but was beginning to tire. so  stopped to check my map, But  wished I hadn’t as the shelter was still miles away. I  put on my headphones, turned-up the volume and pushed on struggling  with this mud.
Another hiker appeared  “not far snail” he said as be passed by.
But it was!!,  If I had enough  water I would of stopped  but  i hadnt as i climbed up another hill . I emerged on a hilltop with amazing views all around.  wow  the views were stunning , but i was tired and  needed to  get  to  my  target  so reluvtanly  pushed om  and  back to more climbing.
I continued for another hour until  I saw a hiked on the opposite hill.
“Fuck Noway ” I said to myself.
I quickened my pace but I was knackered, as I charged across the meadow as the other Hiker disappeared from view.
“It’s just too far” I said to myself. taking a huge slurp of lemonade.
I pushed on  and  began to slowly crawl up the hill following the blazes across another meadow,then another before  at  last  i was begining to decend,
Arrhh   but the decent was   slippery mud , and  i  had to grasp hols of tree branches  to  stop  myself from falling   over. It was scary.
I was so so pleased , when  a sign  to the shelter appeared, and  made myway down  the  trail. There were  about a dozen people sat around the fire. and several  more in the shelter .
I said my hellos , then went to find a tent spot.
I quickly put up my tent before grabing  my food and stove  and walking back towards the shelter .I put  on a brew ,then  made supper. hung my food .made hot chocolate then went to bed

mileage today 27 miles whoop

Start 300
Finish 284.4
mileage 27 miles
Remaining 1906 Miles


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