Day 28

I slept well apart from getting up 3 times to take a wee.

I woke at 6. went to use the privy then dropped the suspended bags. i put Jess’ s and Dans bags by their tents then I put on my stove and then striped my tent.

I put my gear away and was ready to go. I hoisted my pack then set off..

It was glorious but rain. was due later so I wanted to crush .miles early. I also bad my ear buds in for a change book v that would help my milage. I as doing great until the hills Arrived.

I wanted to hike unroll 11.30 before I took a break and I was on target. i leapfrogged several hikers for most of the day. until I decided that I needed a break.

I needed that break.

i hoistedmy packand got back o the trail and up.

if was only moments before I reached the next shelter. I spoke to several other hikers. then i moved on

it was a 2 mile climb that was steep. so so steep I chugged up it took me 40 mins to reach the top ..

and another 5 mins to get my breath back.

The trail then become horrid rock so I couldn’t get any pace .

Then I took the scenic route. it was beautiful but so hard on my feet . eventually I came down phew. The rock had hurt my feet but it was so beautiful up there. As I dragged myself up the next hill. Jess appeared so we walked together to the next shelter.

whoop whoop it’s the 300 mile marker .

I was going on but no I was done. so got water then made tea. it was lovely in the sun but then the bugs drove me back inside.

I cooked dupper and drank my tea then got into my bag night

a good day 300 miles


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