Day 27 leaving hot springs

6th May 2018

After a very late night of karaoke I woke in the night and needed the loo so went to the Hostel. o. my way I met a skunk. who made me jump.

I slept well and dozed till 8.30.

Okay I need to ‘re organize my pack. I emptied the contents all over the floor stared at it for 5 minutes then began to pack and sort.

all done. I decided to loose my camp shoes. I buy new ones later.

You heading out Snail asked a few of my buddies.

I am thinking about it I replied hoisting my pack and grabbing my trash and headed out of the chapel and back to the hostel.

I was greated by my fellow hikers who were Sat outside..

Tarzan had a jar of i

ppickled. green beans .try one snail!

They were actually really good. so I had a few more.

I then dumped my rubbish and then refilled my water bladder. I was ready.

I hoisted my pack and was just leaving when I was asked what I was shooting for. First shelter 10ish miles I replied.

Then I was off down the steep hill to town. It had rained in the night so everything was still damp.

I made my way through town passing by a restaurant advertising great breakfasts. There were many hikers sat outside a d the waft of food was tempting but it was 11am a d I wanted to crush some miles. AT the e d of town I crossed over the railway. just past the tracks was were the music festival was held. There were monstrous camper vans leaving so it was very busy. I followed the road over the river bridge and renoined the AppalachianTrail.

it followed the river for several .miles. Before climbing up and very steeply up. God it was steep a d in places I had to pull my self up. but wow what amazing views of the town .

I continued on and up then the rain returned but only fine drizzle. but the wind was chilly. I climbed for another hour meeting many day hikers. AT last I began to go down. and was sheltered from the wind.

Thetrail was steep in places and slippery due to the rain.

I pushed on and on crunching miles. then the sun came out d the temperature soon began. to rise and typically the Afternoon was going to be all climbs.

I was pushing but the time seemed to be slowing down

or maybe the late night of karaoke was having it’s effect.

so I stopped for lunch.

Enjoyed my snacks and my rest then back to miles.. I pushed on and on then it was time to climb I climbed for several hours .

At last the shelter came into view I scanned the area and then went to put h my tent.

I found a spot and put down the footprint. then emptied out my tent. Fuck bollocks. I have no tent stakes. .Dam I guess I left them when I. camped before hot springs.

My tent is free standing but I like to peg it out. I managed to beg 2 and staked the tent with sticks. as I was chilling Jess and Dan appeared so they put up their tents by mine

there were about 20 . tents around by tbe time We cooked dinner . we enjoyed chatting together then it wZ time for bed. and catch up on my journal.

I lay on my pad and began writingtben drank my beer that I carried out then it was sad time.


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