Day 27 300 Miles!!Heading to Jerry Cabin Shelter

I slept well apart from getting up 3 times to take a wee.
I woke at 6am, went to use the privy then dropped the suspended bags on the way back.I left  Jess’ s and Dan’s bags by their tents then I put on my stove, then striped down my tent. I put my gear away and was ready to go.
I sat  and  enjoyed my tea  before clipping my mug back onto my pack , i then hoisted my pack then set off out of camp.
It was glorious morning although  rain was due later so I wanted to crush miles early.
I had my ear buds in hoping that  may help with my milage. I had a great start  then the climbs  began
I wanted to hike until 11.30 before taking a  break and I was on target. i leap-frogged several hikers for most of the day. until my watch imformed me that my  time was up.
I really  needed that break. I  took 15  minutes  before returning to the trail.
if was only moments before I reached the next shelter. I spoke to several other hikers. then i moved on

it was a 2 mile climb that was steep. so so steep I chugged up it took me 40 mins to reach the top ,and another 5 mins  for me to get my breath back.
I pushed on,  the trail  becoming very  rockcy , and  so I couldn’t get any pace and the rock was awful . But it what it is     and  so  i  just  hobbled on until i came toa signpost
there were several options , I decided to take the scenic route. It was so beautiful with amzing views but the slabs were  so hard on my feet  and it wasnt long until i  was getting  fed  up and just wanted to get  down and off of this rock . At last I began to desend   but  it wasnt easy  as i  had to shuffle a little  on my  bum    to  reach  the next  rock

As I dragged myself up the next hill, Jess appeared so we walked together to the next shelter and  there in front of the shelter   was  the  300 mile marker . Whoop
I was going on , but  yes  convinced me to stay  and so i wandere off to get  water.
once back at the shelter i puton a brew and  got  my  pad set  up in the shelter.
I decided to  sit in the sun  as it was so lovely but then the bugs began to drive me  mad   so  headed  back inside.
As  i sat  chatting to jess a stream of  hikers  began to pass by, some  got  water then went to find a tent spot  other  whhere attempting to get to the next shelter
I joined several other hikers  and  cooked my supper before  turning in.
It had been a good day  and  i  was pleased to have reached  the  300 mile marker

Start 284..4
Finish 300
mileage 15.6 miles
Remaining 1891 Miles


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