Day 26 Nero at Hot Springs

For those that dont know a Nero. is low or little milage.

I set the alarm for 6.30 as I was expecting along road walk. When it went off I dozed for few minutes before springing into action . I retrieved my food bag from the tree assembled my stove and put on water.

As that heated up I began to dismantle my tent and pack up. when done I enjoyed my tea before clipping it to my pack and walk g back towards the car park.

I just arrived when Big Red appeared.hey where were you ?.

We decided to walk down the road, hoping that it would take us to hot spring’s.

soon the dirt track turned into tarmac. We now began to see houses and several dogs came out to check on us.

As we wandered along I noticed several men chatting.

‘Excuse me sir is this the way to hot springs? I Asked.

Yes it is but it’s a shitty road to walk on. would you like a ride?

Yes please we both replied.

Soon we were in his pickup heading to town..

He drove us around town looking for somewhere for us to stay before finely dropping us off at the ‘dinner’ for breakfast.

I side were Tentless and Magic so we joined their table.

I ordered the fried steak breakfast with hash browns eggs. biscuits and gravy . god it was so good.

Once fed I headed to the Post office to send some excess gear up the trail.

Okay accommodation. As there was a music festival on most of the places were full.

Eventually I arrived at the hostel. there may be a bunk but I will. need to wait. but I was allowed to take a shower and put my name on the list to do laundry.

Omg the shower was so good. and it was so good to be clean.

Jeff appeared (the owner) and said I could sleep in the chappel. so grabbed my pack and followed him.

The chapel was roomy and had air con.

I dumped my pack then set up my pad and sleeping bag.

Once settled I walked back over to the hostel and sat in the sun with over hikers.

Okay time to resupply I went to the the “outfitter” first as j wanted gas and a new dry bag. I brought some bits but was shocked when the till said $75. and I had not got a lot. so headed to the other shop. On the way I met the “Chasing” group of Tarzan, whitety, Tank, Her Dudeness and several others. Dam this shop was much cheaper. should of come here first oh well . Lastly it was to the Liquorstore to grab some beer. Before starting the steep climb back to the Hostel.

I dropped my stuff in the chapel and sortedthrough my food ditching the box’s and cartons

Then I renoined the group at the hostel. I had just openeda beer she. the heavens opened and it began to pour. We sheltered under the porch until the sun came out.

Today in Cinco de Mayo Day it a Mexican celebration that everybody enjoys so Jeff the owner begins to make margaritas and then food appears tacos chilli and salads

and it’s all free fantastic and so tasty.

what a great evening. some of the guys organise table cup ping pong ( can’t remember it’s correct name)

The night is finished off with Karaoke and I sing dreadfully

Night all


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