Day 23 leaving Standing Bear.


slept well although I would have liked to have slept for longer. but nature had other thoughts or rather the rooster did
I finally emerged around 7.30, visited the porter-potty then wandered down to the kitchen. There were several pots of coffee there, so I poured myself a large cup

The brown liquid woke me up as it tasted so good. I then watered back to the lounge and was so pleased to see that my back up battery was showing fully charged.

I was in no hurry to day as the group that I was rolling with had no plans to leave until 12ish.

I ordered 2 breakfast rolls that are frozen that you must nuke yourself. (microwave) Rubbish food but they tasted so good. I then set about trying to catch up on blogs and video. There’s good Wi-Fi but I can’t appear to publish anything. bit did manage to have a conversation on What’s App.

I was chilled until I noticed the gang packing up.
I thought you guys had planned to head out after lunch?
Change of plan Snail
Bollocks I said to myself as I do not like to be rushed, I checked my food bag …. yes, I think I can make it to hot springs.

I quickly packed up and I am soon ready As I head off its 11.30.

Once again, it’s going to be a lot of climbing and the first climb is for approximately 4 miles

As I climbed the sun was getting hotter   and me and my pack seems extra heavy although it’s half full. I pushed on my watch telling me that it 84 f and that’s in the shade.

I have no energy at all as I crawl up the mountain. And I begin to get frustrated with myself as this must be my worst day. I just couldn’t climb. I really couldn’t do it today.

I kept pausing sucking at my water and stumbling a few steps forward. God this is crap. come on Snail. it took my many hours to huff a d puff my way to the top. I was disappointed with myself. why did I struggle so much?

At last I reached the top. Up here was an aircraft warning station some sort of radar.
I wandered over for a better look and was surprised to see Dan and Beth taking a few minutes while they dried their tent.

I joined them, and I dropped my pack and took a 30 min break. As I   tried to motivate myself. The timeout seemed to do the trick as I now felt so much better AS I set off down the trail.

I was only going to do an 8 Miles today, so I was in no hurry and here the trail would be descending, although these descents kill my knees. I tried to go as fast as my knees would allow as it was steep.
I was miles away when a girl and her Husky passed me. AS the dent spiralled down I could watch them getting lower I wish I could go that fast sign.

I eventually came to the cross roads where a group of hikers sat
They all wanted to do another 6 miles. But I was done it was. -2 miles to the shelter. I took the shelter trail and soon arrived. Big Red was there, but the others had gone on.

I quickly found a place for my tent and put it up as I fended off these little black flies.

I blew up my bed. then took my food down towards the shelter.

Magic (Tom) and Tentless were debating whether to go on. finally, they tossed a coin. Magic called heads and lost so they both headed out
Nova the girl with the husky, Big Red and myself cooked tea. There were also two ladies and chap here with a gorgeous choc lab., who made me miss my boy back home

I made hot chocolate then cooked mash with bacon bits and nuts then I cleaned up and retreated to my tent. got water. then hung my food, early to bed I think

7 miles, Not great mileage but it was late start. I would like 16 tomorrow


Start 241
Finish 247.2
mileage 7 miles
Remaining 1942 Miles


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