Day 21 Smokies Day 4

That was a great night slept, except that platform sloped to the right  and so we all rolled towards each other in the night
Once I ventured outside i was  greeted with an amazing sun rise, and i hadnt had to get up at 3am and  hike  many  miles  to see it . I sat on the grass and  enjoyed  this gourgeous sunrise   before   heading back to the shelter.
I grabbed  the TP and headed to the privy, on the way back  i retrieved my food bag.
Once back  i packed   up and took my pack outside so as not to disturb  the other sleeping hikers
I put on a brew before making Instant oats . Once eaten i decided that i would have  a hot chocolate, then I was ready to go.
I hoisted my pack then set off, unusually  the  trail  started witha decent  , and  stayed like this for  most of the morning, As the trail began to climb  i  was  greated one again with some amaxing views .I stopped many times to take photos before returning to  the  climb at  the  time i emerged out onto  the ridge  with amazing views all around.
Wow just amazing as i walked i came to a signpost  pointing to a side trail, This  had been recomended  by  several  hikers so  this  was the  route  i  chose . Wow even more amazing views a bit sketvhy  inplace  nut well worth  the  diversion  as it enevtually rejoined the main trail
I had planned to walk for three hours but once my time was up I couldn’t find anywhere to stop so ended up walking on. At last i spotted a suitable palce , I dropped my pack a f took out my Tyvek and took a 40 min break. I was still resting when hiker buddies came streaming past
“Later guys.” i called
Eventually it was time to move , I packed up and set off . I hadn’t gone far when I came across my buddies resting.
“Later guys” I said and  continued on ,I had  completed just over 7 miles and 5 more  was todays target, as I was only going to do 12 miles today
Maybe bigger mileage tomorrow ,I pushed on knowing that  I had 3 more big  climbs to do . I  counted  down the hills, until there was  just one more , hopefully the shelter would then appear
At last I could see the  shelter.( Tri corner shelter) Whoop whoop, When i arrived , it was empty  I first was here or had the others moved on.?
I dropped my pack and went and sat in the sun, as i sat relaxing the crew slowly began to arrive and I joined them  for supperI liked this shelter as the  water ran straight through camp .
After supper  we all stripped off and did washing, laying our clothes out to dry in the sunshine .
Only 12 miles today , But  it was a hard day.
Night l

Start 165.3
Finish 223
mileage 12 miles
Remaining 1967 Miles


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