Day 20 Smokies Day 3

Day 20 Smokies day 3
I had just gotten I to bed when squirrel managed to get the Fire going in the shelter which was great as it took the chill off as it was cold
I was woken by a herd of elephants trying to leave the sheter at 3 am
A group had decided to get up early to see the sunset Climans knob to see the sunset.
But omg the noise they made
I finally woke at 7 and quickly got out of bed deflated my pad then went to the woods. I then fired up my stove and made tea.
As it came to the boil I stored my bag and pad and brought my pack outside.
I was enjoying g my tea when a deer strolled by then continued to eat grass taking no notice.
I enjoyed my tea then decided to have an I stsmt pats in the hope it may give me more energy.
Oncec eaten i hoisted my pack and set off down the trail. It was climb climb climb.No way could I have followed the trail in the dark with the other Hikers.
I pushed on and on arriving at the other shelter at 9
Several of my mates were still there. Tarzan.tank. Big red and msgic and whitety.
Later guys and carried on past.
Once pct the trail was lovey as it past lively forest and as the sun heated up the pine the armour was gorgeous.
I was heading for the Fire Tower so at least an hour and a half. But the sun was hot and the trail steep.
At 2 hours I stopped for a break and enjoyed the sun ad Tarzan and Whitety came past.
Not far too the Tower Snail.
Bloody he’ll I thought and pushed on and I am glad I did as it was really worth a visit.
I climbed to the top it was very busy with tourists but the views were amazing.
But I had miles to crush so got back at it .
I pounded miles all afternoon a lit of down mean g a lot of up later.
I pushed on till 2pm where I came across eater so decided to stop for lunch.
After i pushed in sgsi heading for the gap.
It seemed to take ages to get there. But wow what a view when I got there.
And there was preacher and two other hikers giving trail magic soorry forgotten names but will correct later
I had a toasted cheese sandwich served in tomatoes soup and it was oh so good.
I then drained a beer and packed another out before heading up and up finally zrrovi g at springs shelter at 6 pm I dropped my pack drained my beer then set up my bed before cooking.
I was busy cooking when Dan & Beth arrived. Duri g the conversation I said I picked up these gloves amazement they were Beth’s
So now getting ready for bed .


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