Day 19 Smokies Day 2

Day 19 Smokies day 2
I slept really well but it was freezing cold and the wind howled.
I stayed in my bag as long as I could unroll I really needed a wee.
So headed into the woods.

I then made tea and packed up but I then needed more tea.
I then hoisted my pack and set off.i was wearing three layers and my leggings
But once across the other side of the mountain I soon warmed up but didn’t want to stop.
I was climbing climbing until I was melting. So stopped to remove my hat.raincoat and shirt. Then I was off again. The morning consisted of loads of ups and downs. But once up the views were spectacular. The climbs began to get steeper and so we’re the downs. They were so Streep my knees began to struggle and so I slowed right down this continued up to lunch time. Then tbr train caught up with me. Dan, Big Red. Tarzan, whitety, Tentless and .magic.
I ploded on at my own pace watching the clock tick by. I I littered down another online. I noticed the boys taming lunch so I stopped to join them.
The afternoon was the same as the morni g but the climbs just seemed much longer. I continued on my target was the next shelter mile 9
Eventually the shelter appeared and again the gang were all there. I went to get water then spent 30 mins relaxing in the sun.
The Gang moved off and I would follow shortly.
The rest of the afternoon was going to be up and 4 miles.
I set off but my energy levels were waning. The climbs were exhausting round and round and up
The time began to slow down oh my god how much further. When your tired the time stands still a d so do the miles. Fuck fuck I said to myself I have had enough .On the pct i would just put up my tent nut your not allowed to do that in the Smokies.
Day last the shelter. This will do me although the others had gone on.
It I was done. I put out my bed .got water then cooked tea. Chilli Mac very tasty. Flowed by tea a d then a sachet of tuna yummy s d now bed .


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