Day 18 leaving Fontana Dam

Day 18 leaving Fontana Dam
I woke at 7 and remarkably I was alive no hang over which was amazing considering the rocket fuel that I was drink I g last night and that I was sent to bed.
I walked to the nearest picnic table and made tea. Oh that taste revived me.
I slowly packed up .then noticed that my phone was dead so I put it on charge. Soon I was ready..Omg my pack is heavy but I am carrying 7 days of food to get me through the Smokies.
I was going to have a shower before I left,but the next minute I am walking towards the Dam.
I stopped by the dam visitor centre and then had a panic as I couldn’t find my AT passport. I even stripped down my pack. Then found it in my puffy jacket.
So it got stamped. Then I headed out and crossed the dam . and I was entering the Smokies whoop.
I now was on on a road walk which wasn’t markers
I was now at the sign in where I had to post my permit.
Right here we go.. I knew that it was going to be a tough climb in fact. I was going to be climbing all day.
It started and it continued for the entire morning.
Omg it was steep. It was was hot and it was steep.
I chugged up playing leapfrog with other hikers. In the distance I could see the Fire Tower I guess it was at 3 miles away.. up and up it began to get closer.
Then I saw Big Red resting. Then Dan, Beth and Tentless came down from the Tower. It’s worth a look Snail. So reluctantly I carried on up. Then climbed up the firetowdd. Wow what a view!!
I the retraced my steps and carried on the AT.
SO it was about 5 more miles to the next shelter called Molly’s Shelter.
I hiked on until 3pm when I stopped for a rest and long drink.
I hiked on and mainly up .
I was about 2 miles from the shelter but decided to fill up with water. When I got there there was magical (Tom). And 2 girls.
I filled up two bottles the headed back. Magical said that he was going to push on past Molly’s.
I will wait to I get there then decide .
The next 2 miles were typically up and I strugled. Luckily my water in my bladder was holding out.
Soon I was at Molly’s. Tarzan & Whitety were already here.
You pushing on Snail? They Asked.
Yeah right I puffed.
It was a big up then down.

I puffed my way up the first climb then it was down.
But the downs were steep. So I struggled at last the trail leveled out a d I was able to get some speed up. The hours ticked slowy by.
Now where is that bloody shelter
I continued to pound down the trail oh my god where are you round and round I went bloody he’ll I was beginning to run out of steam at Last the shelter came into view.
I could see Da and big Red. I dropped my pack and changed my top. Then I went a d got water.
Tea first. Then hot chicane then Mac cheese with bacon .but it did t really do it for me. So I made another hot chocolate.
I grabbed a space in the shelter. Then went for a poo in the woods.
I then hung my food bag tend then to bed


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