Day 22 leaving the Smokies

2nd may 2018
i slept really well. we were all telling jokes till I dropped off.

I was up fairly early as it was going to be a big day for me as i was aiming for a 16. i made tea as i packed up
Then I said my good bye and hoisted up my pack and set off.
Dan had said that it was mainly down today. it then day lies.
I began my first climb and all felt good. the first climb went on and on but the views were amazing so I stopped and admired the view wow. after about an hour I came to a side trail. which I had been advised to take.. it was narrow and had warnings on. But wow again the views were amazing..
But as I was on a mission I pushed on . At last I hit my first down and it was steep oh so steep I had to be careful so I did not hurt my knees .down a d down for at least an hour. then another huge climb omg that was steep up so I was huffing and puffing bloody hell. it took me 40 mins to climb then it levelled before heading down. but this it was smooth so I began go get a good rhythm .but the next minute I was lying in the dirt. Bollocks I said to myself. I wiped myself down. I wasn’t hurt. phew.
I set off again a little more slowly.soon I came to the next s
shelter but this was not my target so hiked past.
I was still going down but now the trail became really crappy so I slowed to a crawl as it was nasty. This took ages.
At last it levelled meaning it was ready to climb and climb it did omg did it climb .ping went my watch 12 cool I take lunch when I get to the top. AT last the Fire Tower came into view. And a nice spot to stop.. i put dropped my pack .put down my tyvek and chilled. took off my shoes and socks and relaxed.
I checked my map. Omg wow I had coverd 11miles and if waz only 12.30 meaning it was only 5 miles to the shelter whoop whoop. I and it was downhill yeah I set off and was soon into
The zone . ping went my watch cool an hour and I should be there. down and down I went slowly spiralling down. yes yes I can see it and it was only 3pm. what a day and 16 miles.
I walked up to the Shelter it was empty. This shelter had the fence on. to keep out bears. but as people fed the bears through the fences they were removed from from all the other shelters.
I went and got water and had just made tea.when my friends appeared above me.
SNAIL we are going on ……….Oh Fuck I said.
Quickly packed up and set off After them.
but they are fast but I was managingto keep up.
it was another 5 miles. I was doing okay as we followed ths river heading towards the road.
As we headed down we .came to the permit box. Hurray we are out of the Smokies
once there it was a short road walk. but then I run out of steam the last mile killed me.
and I almost crawled into Standing Bear Hostel.
I grabbed a bunk then dropped my pack. I was done.
After I got my breath back I grabbed beer ordered a pizza a nd began to relax. Catching up with mates laughing

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