Day 21 From Ice water Shelter to Tri corner shelter mile 221 (The Smokies day 4 )

That was a great night slept well. Except the platform sloped so we all rolled towards each other.
We were all greated with an amazing sun rise.
I let down my pad .visited the privy and lowered my food bag.
I packed up and took my pack outside.
I made tea then made an Instant last. I followed that with a hot chocolate then I was ready to go.
I hoisted my pack then set off.
It was Down for a while then it began to climb and the the views were amazing so I stopped many times to take photos . then back to climbing. But this time I was walking on the ridge with amazing views both sides. Wow just amazing. Then I came to a side trail that was recommended so I followed it. Wow even more amazing views.
I then rejoined the trail and back to climbing.
I had planned to walk for three hours but once my time was up I couldn’t find anywhere to stop so ended up walking for another 30 mins
At last a spot I dropped my pack a f took out my Tyvek and took a 40 min break.
I was still resting when the train came past. Later guys.
Eventually it was time to go so I packed up and set off . I hadn’t gone far when I came across the guys resting. Later guys I said and set off I had completed just over 7 miles and I had just over 5 more to go as I was only going to do 12 .miles today then a sixteen tomorrow.
I pushed on I had 3 more big ups to do . so I pushed on counting down the hills I probably have miss calculated but I was ball park.
At last my last hill and yes this way to the shelter. Whoop whoop it was empty was I first here or had the others moved on.
Tri corner shelter 223.0
I dropped my pack and went and sat in the sun
The crew slowly began to arrive a d I joined the. To cook and eat.
Then we all stripped off and did washing. Laying our clothes out to dry in the sunshine .
Only 12 but I felt that it was a hard day. 16 tomorrow
Night l

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