Day 19 Russel Fields Shelter to Silers Bald Shelter Mile 195 Great Smoky Mountains (Day 2)

I slept really well but it was freezing cold and the wind howled. I stayed in my bag as long as I could until I really needed a pee, reluntanly headed into the woods.

Once back at the shelter I made a brew and packed up but I then needed  another brew.
I was wearing three layers and my leggings as I hoisted my pack and set of down the trail and into the fierce wind . Once across the other side of the mountain I  was sheltered from the howeling wind  and soon warmed up but didn’t want to stop.
I  began to  climb until I was melting so had to stop to remove my hat, raincoat and shirt. The morning  trail was the typical rollar coasterof of ups and downs. But  for once  i was greated with  spectacular views .  As the day continued the climbs began to get steeper and so we’re the decents . The decents were were so steep my knees began to struggle and so I slowed right down,this continued up to lunch time. Later in the day the train of. Dan, Big Red. Tarzan, Whitey, Tentless and .magic caught me  and soon disapeared into the distance .
I plodded on at my own pace  my  watch  annouching the  hours .as i decended  yrt another  hill  i came across  the crew taking lunch so I stopped to join them.
The afternoon was the same as the morning but the climbs just seemed much longer and steeper . I continued on , my target was the next shelter mile 9
Eventually the shelter appeared and again the gang were all there. I went to get water then spent  the next 30 mins relaxing in the sun.
The Gang moved off and I decided  that i would follow shortly.
The rest of the afternoon was going to be more climbs  and  for approximatley 4  miles.
I set off but my energy levels were waning and the climbs  exhausting.
The time began to slow down, Oh my god how much further. ?
When your tired  time seems to stand still and so do the miles.
Fuck, fuck I said to myself I have had enough .On the Paccific Crest trail I would just put throw up my tent But you’re not allowed to do that in the Smokies.
At last the shelter appeared , tpically  the gang had decided to go on ,But this will do me  as  I was done.
I put out my bed in  the shelter  before heading off to get water, Once back i put on a brew  before cooking  Chilli Mac  for  tea , It  was so  tasty.
I  followed thiswith another brew   and  then scoffed a sachet of tuna yummy

Start 180.1
Finish 194.7
mileage 14.6 miles
Remaining 1995.4 Miles


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