day 17 zero to Fontana Dam

started early and ckii sd t mbed and climbed and climbed some more up and Up went . shortly Steve and Lauren steamed past me. but I was in no hurry. just packing on.

I was pacing. but no adgenda. take each mile as it came.

I adopted this for much of the day.

eventually I began to head and and down

itvwas only 5 miles.

occasional I was great visions of the country side Nd glances of the dam.

Eventuality I could see the dam as I wound lower and lower. Soon I emerged onto the road

Whoop if was here at Fontana Dam.

as I emerged I noticed my crew.

Hi guys we all chilled. then the shuttle Arrived. we l asked for the grill.

×we bailed from the shuttle and swarmed the restaurant.

I hadk

lovely IPA at 6 % that’ was delicious.

I had the house salad followed by the Dam buster burged5. I ordered mine rare. a d it was so tasty.

We all then ventured to the store. some did laundry others like me just drank beer.

We all went lunch then chilled out.



All sat in the parking lot… As more of my friends arrived it as so chilled

Dan offered to grab my box so when he returned I organised my food

as Dan grabbed my resupply6 box I brought beers.

eventually we grabbed shuttle back to the trail.My pack was heavy as we walked to the sheter.

it then decided to tent

we all quickly put our tents then began to get drunk

At 9pm I was escorted to . my tent

night all


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