Day 16 Sassafras Gap Shelter to Cable gap Shelter Mile 158.8

I slept really well I fact too well as my snoring kept a few hikers awake. oops
I got up visited the loo then began to pack up. Once packed I made a brew and relaxed for 5 minutes before hoisting my pack and heading out.

The first part was typically up and I huffed and puffed up it. AT the top was lovely open place and you could see for miles. Dan , Beth and Tom we’re here . I took some video and a few snaps then took off. mainly climbing. if was sunny and I was trying out my new shorts that I loved. as they had so. much knee rooms. the trail was more of an obstacle course with large drops to navigate over. Bloody hell. and the slopes with the mud were treacherous. Omg I was almost falling over every second Arrrh. this continued for most of the morning. soon other hikers began to stream past me. But I was in no hurry. The whitey came last me and he was almost running. WTF….

plodded on I was in no hurry and today my knees felt good. I then passed two other hikers a quiet whoop from me as I went by.
It then  began to rain. only drizzle but I stopped to put on my pack cover just in case ,but as I pushed on as the rain began to get heavier.

As I began  my decent I began to make out the road through the mist . As I got closer I could see creatures distinctive truck .Hi creatcher  I called  out as I crossed the road.
I continued up, this part wasn’t too bad ……. Then I reached Jacobs Ladder and with all the rain  it was so slppery that for every two steps i slipped back one.
Jacobs ladder  just went on and on and on as i was climbing  her Dudeness passed me   then  a few minutes later whitey and Tarzan  sped past  me  or  seemed to , their  voices  echoing into  the  mist  high above

I just  kept on climbing and the higher i went  i was soon surround  by  mist . The mu was making it tough going for me  and  it was so slippery making it nightmarish. and so  several  swear words fell out of my mouth
AT last I  reached the top and stopped  for a well deserved  swig of blackcurrant flavoured water, panted for a few minutes before I continued on.
At last the trail began to decend   but once again due to the mud, it was so bloody slippery it was a nightmare . I had to walk so slowly, or I would be on my arse. so, slow it was. The next minute i slid and wason  my arse staring up at the sky . Luckily no damage. Fuck it I said wiping the mud from my body. and checking myself

Right I am going on. I was at the shelter that was my target for today, but everything felt good. (Especially my knees). I  put on my rain jacket and pushed on as the trail was fairly level as I splashed through the puddles and the mud. I sang to myself. slip sliding away as I cursed the mud.
Ping went my watch announcing that it was  4 pm  but i wanted another 2 miles so pushed on.
I  then heard voices behind me , it was Laura. she was having a shit day and was close to tears.
we walked and chatted for a a while .well yes, this weather has been shit.
I knew that she was on a mission  so  didnt want to hold  her up.
“See you at the shelter” i said  as i watched her  race ahead,Laura  was fast so didnt enem try to follow her.

I soon came  to a road , my maps said that it was  1.1 miles to the next shelter from here . But it still seems to takes for ever, round, Up, down and repeat……At last I can see the shelter.(Cable gap Shelter) Unfortunatley  it was full when i arrived and so I am camping.

I quickly drop my pack change into some dry clothes then find a spot for my tent. I put up the tent leaving the fly off so that my tent could air and dry.

Then I joined my mates, Dan, Beth, Tyler, Tom, big Red. Laura and others.
We sat arround  the fire cooking  our  tea  and  talking  about our crap day !!

After cooking I retreated to my tent , finished setting up  before hanging  my food and so to bed night

Start 143.7
Finish 159
mileage 16

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