Day 15 From the NOC to Sassafras Gap Shelter mile 143

I slept really well as it was lovely and warm in my bunk and with dry bag. I woke around 7am but didn’t get up until 8 am. I visited the loo and then on the way back   grabbed water. Once back at the cabin I began to go through my stuff, I still have  far  too much food , so decide to take the spare to the hiker box. I check my gear one more time then I hoisted my pack.  Dan took  look at  my pack  yesterday as was lop-sided and  had  fixed  it, Dan adjusted on of my straps that had come loose.
I double checked the cabin once more , said good-byes to Dan & Beth and marched out towards  the general store. I got my passport stamped and the brought a cherry coke.
As I sat enjoying my drink I suddenly  realised that I didn’t have my rain jacket.
Bollocks I said to myself and quickly raced back to the .cabin.
Luckily Bill was still  there and passed me my rain jacket.
How the hell did I forget that, come on Snail pay attention. I said  to myself  as I thought that I maybe buying a new one.

OKAY let’s go as, I knew that I would  be climbing all day. The first part was really pretty  but I soon  needed to stop to remove a layer as I was roasting. .The sun was  up and with clear skies I could actually see some scenery.  As I continued climbing   the trail become tough and rocky and I really needed to be a billy Goat. phew it’s tough.

As I rounded an other switch back I was met with a fantastic views  so stopped for a break and to make  the most of them. I checked my map and was surprised to see that i had only 3 miles to go wow that’s good I will soon be there!! whoop.
I moved after 20 minutes and continued the climb. the trail getting steeper and steeper and so  I was soon puffing and panting like a train.
Up and up I climbed. it was relentless and seemed never-ending  i passed  2 Canadians who were resting and  continued on.
I was still chugging up when Red passed  me and disappeared up the trail. I pushed on and at last  began the decent, but  typically  it was steep and slippery and so I moved slow but felt I was making good progress until my knee cried stop.
I imeaditley pulled over and took more meds before  gingerly moving on. then up ahead  I saw two familiar faces of Dan & Beth.
“Good going Snailtrainer ” they said
As I crossed over the Hill I could see the shelter but  with my knee I decided to call it a day. I dumped my gear and was soon making a brew , followed by supper.

It wasnt long until  the shelter was full. I joined my fellow hikers around the fire then bed

Finish 143.7
mileage 6.7


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