Day 14

it rained throughout the night.but I slept well waking only to have a wee.

At 7am it was throwing it down. mmm I thought I may be staying here all day . I could see another tent through the fog. I must of dozed off as later woke and it was 9.

when I peered out of my tent.the other tent had gone.

what shall I do I pondered. it’s too wet to take my tent down. okay I will pack up so if the rain stops I can drop my tent. so I did. I let down my pad. and rolled it up.put my sleeping bag away. okay I’m packed but the rain didn’t want to stop. come on Snail you can not waste a day. Then I thought about what Dan & Beth had said about dropping the tent from beneath. I unclicked the tent from the fly. hey I was rather impressed. I could then roll it up leaving the fly and the footprint. whoop. not bad. I rolled up the foot print.tben stuffed the fly into a dry bag to keep my other kit dry. I am ready and walked on to the trail at 11am not good but not a Complete waste of a day. I hadn’t gone far when my right knee began to complain. bugger bugger come on knee.

The trail continued to climb and I was glad I stopped when I did as I didn’t see anywhere else to camp. Agency I emerged on top of a hill with a monument. but it was freezing rain so didn’t stop long. fro. this point the tr climbed for the rest of the day and with the pouring rain there was nothing to see.. climb climb climb with the continuous rain the trail was like a river. so I soon gave up on gryi g to keep my feet dry and just splashed through. Every now and then my knee would say stop. before I was able to convince it to go on.

shortly I was passed by “Her Dudeness” and she was gone. then I heard voices and came to a camp of about 5 tents.

The Blond English girl was here. I waved and pushed on. Nd with a little more speed. but again if was always up always. After a hour I reached the next shelter whoop. 2 more miles to go. My knee was hurting only two more new knee I said.

But when your tired and in pain the trail never makes it easy or quicker. so I continued last the trail went down but it was awful to walk down at last camp.

I put my tent up inside out Nd was really pleased except that I am on a slope oh well.

I went and gotwater and quickly made tea I got into my bag wet. hoping my heat would dry me but I think k that my bag is too damp .it needs some sun.

well actually everything is damp.

I made dinner pasta and tuna followed by hot chocolate.

bed next and it’s still pouring pouring



her dude


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