Day 13

I slept well knowing that I didn’t need to leave my room till 11am. so continued dozing.

OKAY a this stuff has to fit back Into my pack!!

I reluctantly left a beer and crisps. I need to tweak back my shopping. once I was packed I wandered across the road to the outfitters to check on the shuttle time, it was 11. So back to my room, one last sweep and the I could relax. I began to watch Free Willy until it was time to leave.

I hoisted my pack left my hotel room , crossed the road and waited with the other Hikers. there were scales here so I weighed my pack 45Lb. cool I had lost 10Lb and I am sure that I .can loose some more.

I was soon at Standing gap.. once more I hoisted my pack then set off down the trail. Crossed the road the began to climb . I had not gone far before I was roasting, so stopped to remove my rain jacket. the I was off again. climb climb I began to get a good pace. when I met two hikers coming towards me. the guy had left his phone in the shuttle. Bummer.

I resumed walking until my watch chimed 2hrs were up. I stopped to put on my knee I was stopped another hiker past me by. I set off after her but she we too fast for me.

Suddenly my right knee cried enough. WTF.. . I cried in dismay . you were fine yesterday Arrrh

typically my meds were in the middle of my pack so I hobbled on and on. Why is my knee hurting I kept asking myself. Eventually I came to a road a d crossed. one the other side stood 2 hikers.

have you seen our mate?

No I said i havnt passed anyone!.

I took off my pack f

the asked if any one had any I. yes said one and shook 3 tablets into my hand , that I promptly swallowed.

I guess it’s about 4.5 to the next shelter.

Yes said the other, but it’s up. too much information I said . standing up and putting on my pack.

Later guys I said a d limped off. and up and up and up.

Omg he was not kidding the trail kept snaking up I climbed for over 2 hrs before my knee and myself said stop as I

passed a .campsite. yep this will do as it was now raining.

I put my tent up ( Not best effort) a d threw in my gear.

changed out off my shorts into my leggings put on my fleece to warm up before making tea then supper .

I can hear voices so maybe others have joined me.

Hot choc next x


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