Day 13 Destination Big branch Campsite mile127

it rained throughout the night.but I slept well waking only to have a wee.

At 7am it was throwing it down. mmm I thought I may be staying here all day . I could see another tent through the fog. I must have dozed off as later woke and it was 9.

when I peered out of my tent, the other tents had gone.
What shall I do I pondered as it was too wet to take my tent down. I decided that i would  pack up so if the rain stops so that  it  remained fairly dry

But as i waited and waited  i  began to  get  impaitent as i was  losing valuble  hiking hours , Bugger it i said  to myself  and  let down my pad, rolled it up. then i packed up  my sleeping bag.  I wassoon  packed, but the rain didn’t want to stop. come on Snail you can not waste a day. Then I thought about what Dan & Beth had said about dropping their  tent from beneath. Its  wortha try  i  decided to myself ,I unclicked the tent from the fly. hey I was rather impressed. I could then roll it up leaving the fly and the footprint whoop not a bad effort for my first attemp . I rolled up the foot print before stuffing  the fly into a dry bag to keep my other kit dry. Brilliamt  i am ready  and felt slightly smug  as I walked back to the trail , It was  11am, Not good but not a complete waste of a day.
I hadn’t gone far when my right knee began to complain. bugger bugger come on knee you have had a good nighrts rest
The trail continued to climb and I was glad that I stopped when I did last night as I didn’t see anywhere else to camp.  Eventually I emerged on top of a hill , it was still rainly and foggy  but  i could just about make  out a monument. I went  to take a look  but as  it was freezing rain I didn’t stop long. From this point the trail climbed for the rest of the day and with the pouring rain there was nothing to see. With the continuous rain the trail was  like a river so it was not long  before I  gave up on trying to keep my feet dry and just splashed my through. Every now and then my knee would shout  stop. and i had to take a 5 minute break ,before I was able to convince it to go on.
As i was taking time out  “Her Dudeness”  passed me and was gone. I  tried  to  ctach  her  but she was afast  and wasnt  having knee issues , i then began to hear voices and came to a camp of about 5 tents.
The blond English girl was here, I waved and pushed on, trying to increase my pace but as the  trail seemed to continusly  climb  speed for me was difficult.
After an hour I reached the next shelter whoop, but my target was  2 more miles  but  my  knee was giving me  so much  pain ,only two more miles  i pleaded with my knee
When your tired and in pain the trail the trail  never  easy or helpful. I continued climbing until at last the trail began to decend, but it was awful to walk down
At last a camp.

As it was still poring  with  rain i  put  my  up  in reverse and was really pleased  with my effort ,except that I am on a slope!  oh well.
I went and got water then quickly put on a brew. I was still a bit  cold  and  so got into my bag wet, hoping my body  heat would dry me but as my  bag  was also slightly  too damp it  didnt really  help WE  both really could use some sun,well actually everything is damp.
I eventually made dinner, pasta and tuna followed by hot chocolate before climbing back  into  my  bed, Outside  the rain continued  to  pour

Start 117.7
Finish 127.4
mileage 9.7
Remaining  1953.1


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