Day 12 Franklin to Wine Spring Campsite Mile 117

I slept well knowing that I didn’t need to leave my room till 11am, and  so continued dozing untill I needed   to get  going .
I  got out of bed and stared at  all the gear that still covered the floor .
All this  “Stuff” needs to  fit into Into my pack!! I reluctantly left a beer and bag of  crisps.
I need to reduce  my shopping by what i need  rather than what I fancy, but it is still early  days . At last I was packed, so  wandered across the road to the outfitter to check on the shuttle times, The shuttle left at  11am , plenty of time  so i headed back to my room  gave  my room one last sweep and the I could relax. I put on the  TV  and began to watch Free Willy until it was time to leave.

I hoisted my pack, and  left my hotel room , headed back across the road and waited with the other Hikers.  Outside the outfitter were a set of scales ,so I weighed my pack 45 Lb. Cool I had lost 10 Lb  although I am sure that I can lose some more.
Soon I was l boarding  one  of the minibuses for the journey back to the trail.
it was a murky day   as I arrived at Standing gap, I retrieved my pack and  hoisted it up upon my back  before setting  off down the trail. I crossed over the road then began to climb . I had not gone far before I was soon roasting  so had to stop to remove my rain jacket. I was soon climbing  but at a reasonable pace. before I met two hikers coming towards me., sadly one of them had left his phone in the shuttle. Bummer.

I resumed walking until my watch chimed informing me that  2 hrs were up. I stopped to put on my knee braces and  was just getting back on trail when  another hiker zipped  past me by, I set off after her but she we too fast for me.

Suddenly my right knee cried enough. WTF.. . I cried in dismay, you were fine yesterday Arrrh. Typically my meds were in the middle of my pack so I  decided to hobble on.
Why is my knee hurting I kept asking myself. Eventually I came to a road and crossed. one the other side stood 2 hikers.
Have you seen our mate? they asked
No” I said I havent passed anyone!.
But while  I was here I took the opportunity  to take a quick break  so dropped my pack.
I don’t suppose any of you guys have spare any ibuprofen?
yes one of the guys said  and shook 3 tablets into my hand , that I promptly swallowed.I How  far is  it until the next shelter  I asked ?
” it’s about 4.5miles  the  other hiker replied , and its  up !!
That is too much information I laughed , standing up and putting on my pack.
Later guys I said and limped off  and up .
Omg he was not kidding the trail kept snaking up, I climbed for over 2 hr before my knee  said stop.  I  had passed  a campsite when it began to  rain  so  decided that it would do.
I quickly put up  my tent up ( Not best effort) and threw in my gear. before  changing  out off my shorts and into my leggings, i was cold so  put on my fleece to warm up before  heading out to get water, I was still cold  and  decided that i would sleep with my food , I put on a brew then ,made supper .
As I lay in my tent  I began to hear voices so  presumed other hikers were having the same idea .
I decided  to made  hot chocolate  to help me  relax, the warm chocolate  drink  went down so well. Later went I  for a wee, I  noticed several other tents nearby, They  must of had the same isea as me

Night all

Start 105.5
Finish 117.7
mileage 11.7
Remaining 2073.5


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