Day 11 Zero in Franklin

zero in Franklin

I slept so well waking at 10 am.
I walked to the outfitter to print off my Smokies permit then grabbed some gas (butane) then I noticed the time. Omg the Post office. I raced back to my room. grabbed the boxes. taped them, wrote on the address then headed to the P.O,
Of course there was a huge queue, as I waited another postal lady asked “Picking Up”
I chatted to  her about my missing packages , handed over my receipt ,before  returning  back to the queue.  I soon reached the counter and  paid for my boxes.

The other Post lady then called me over , She explained to me  that i had actually sent one of my packages  to Franklin , Massachusetts not Carolina. and my other parcel I had sent to the NOC… How  the hell did i manage  to do  that !!
She said  that  she  would  try and get my parcel back and send to Damascus, fingers crossed.
On the  back at the motel I called in at the garage , brought  a 6 pack, ice cream, lemonade, and a ham sub.
I sat in the sun  outside my room  and chilled before I caught the sight of Jess.
Hey Jess.  Jess came  over , we chatted a while before  she went and dropped her pack  into her room  and  then she too went in search of beer.
I waded through my sub, then  began to devour my tub of ice cream washed down with beer.
Jess shortly appeared with beer , and so we spent the afternoon talking about the trail and people and drinking our beer.
Kyle, another hiker then joined in the sun  as we  chatted  drinking and relaxing
Jess was staying until Monday, hiking out Tuesday to avoid the Rain!! I am heading out Monday early (maybe)
Jess and I decided to grab dinner then  check out the lazy hiker. we stopped at the Auto-bar and we both had BBQ chicken salad that was very tasty before wandering to the Lazy Hiker.

There were several  band’s playing, with a great vibe. so more ale was consumed .
It was great catching up with new and old faces

News Flash… Big Mike (White rice) is in town omg legend.
I enjoyed a few fees but as I am out tomorrow morning, I  didn’t want to  stay out  too late    so bid Jess goodnight   and  headed back to my room zzzz

Start 105.7
Finish 105.7
Mileage  ZERO


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