Day 10

Nero to Franklin

I slept crap in fact I don’t think that I slept at all.

I emerged from my tent around 7 had a long wee the stripped down my tent.

I then slowly hobbled back up to the shelter. hoisted my pack then set off back . up to the trail. The trail began by crossing several streams. My knees were groaning., but it was right knee that was giving me pain today..I was in my tights and had not bothered with my knee supports.

I continued to hobble down the trail.the shuttle was due at 9.40 and so I had plenty of time. so no need to hurry.

The trail was actually very nice as I made my way along.

I was shortly caught by 2 other hikers and we walked together..

The forests was very quite except for the sound of several woodpeckers who were busy at work.

After about an hour I emerged at the road, where the shuttle should pick us up.

Also waiting here was Preacher.. then Sunshine appeared, although he wanted to go on. but we convince him he would miss both shuttles.

The fare was 3 bucks to town bargain, as the journey was far.

I asked to be dropped off at the Budget inn.

Yes they have room so booked 2 nights, but can’t book In until 12 pm. so go I search of breakfast.

There is a table of 8 hikers so I tag on. A steaming cup of coffee arrives. you ready Sir?

I order the house breakfast. Hashbrowns, 2 eggs sunny side.bavon and toast.

it’s not long till it arrives And less until it’s in my belly..

as I munch through it, my cup is constantly being refilled with coffee. Doesn’t happen in the UK these days.

I wandered back and checked in. I exploded my pack, stepped out if my clothes and got straight into the shower.

OMG. the hot water felt so good. and I emerged CLEAN.

My next chore was laundry. I got change then found the machines. once in .Orion it was the Post office.

Charlotte (Tank) liked my outfit as I headed off to the P.O… It was so g walk and I was roasting in my puffy.

Disaster. there were no packages for me fuck. they needed my tracking number.

I grabbed 2 boxes before walking back. not a biggy I can get by. Once back I swapped my washing to the dryer. I found my postal receipt but it was not in good shape.but I will worry about that toorrow.

OKAY my laundry was done… Shopping next. I headed off to the shops.

Note. I hsvnt got sorted yet so I brought far too much. but I was resupplying for 10 days.

I sat in the car park removing the boxes then headed back.

god it was hot and again far when your carrying bags and your knees hurt.

once back I built the boxes and split my food between them 2 x 3 days and a 4

looks good.

I then had a missed call from Dan & Beth. they were at the brewery.

OKAY I am on my way.but I had missed them.but Tom (Magic) and Charlotte (Tank) were there so I joined them we sampled many beers then Tyler (Tentless) joined us we had several more before going to dinner

The restaurant we found was great I had a Blue Steak with Jacket potato it tasted so good.

The guys wanted to party but I was done so headed to my bed


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