Day 9

I slept well and broke camp early. then made tea.

It was sunny but cold.but more importantly my knee felt and looked a lot better. good news. I wanted to reach mile 100 today but that maybe just too far.

I packed the rest of my gear up then hoisted up my pack.

It was 8am my earliest start yet. I waved to the other hikers as I made my way to the trail. And of course up.

I puffed and wheezed as my muscles began working. This first climb took me an hour and once at the top I stopped to remove a layer. I normally start out with 2liters of water in my bladder flavoured with Crystal lite. a lemonade drink introduced to me by a fella hiker named Tartan on the pct in 2014. And I love it. but I was also carrying I sachet of wild strawberry which I wanted to try.. After that climb the trail was so good that i was flying and with 2 painful knees. I was covering .miles. this was the best so far at 3 hours I stopped for a rest and was amazed that I had covered almost 8 miles and it was only 11am. I may be able to reach mile 100 after all.

I pushed on waiting for the obligitary climb. but it never came so I continued cruising. mile crushing.

Eventually the climb came so I stopped for water and poured in the wild strawberry. It was actually quite quenching. still prefer the lemon. but nice to mix it up.

I checked my map. wow it’s only 1.1 miles to the Tower. but I knew that it was going to be a steep climb..

OKAY snail here we go .it’s not a race…………….

Omg it was steep, I mean steep. I inched my way up .I had to use my arms to pull my self up . did I say that it was steep. my lungs were on fire, after 30 minutes I stopped for a break and water. I chugged down 1/2 litre of my strawberry drink. caught my breath and started again.

Made it , there were five other hikers here resting from the climb.

Whoop Whoop I had competed 100 miles a really nice milestone. I took a few photos then began the journey down. Thank god it wasn’t as steep.

I was feeling very pleased with myself as I continued along the trail.

2 miles to the next shelter at mile 102.3.

I felt good even the knees. At last the shelter came into sight. I Quickly found a tent spot and put it up. I then walked back for water. I stopped at the shelter to chat to fellow hikers. As I was chatting sunshine appears. then Tarzan and his crew and lastly Dan & Tess.

It was great to catch up with these two as they have been shadowing me .

Tess gave me some extra food as I was almost out.

we will try and catch up in Town.

I went back to my tent and made hot tea. then ate supper.

night all Town tomorrow


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