Day 6

Day 6
This was my first night in the shelter and it because of the pouring rain.
We all may out our mats and bags and only we were all in bed by 6.30 yes really.
I had heard bad stories about these shelters. Mainly being infested with rats and mice..Nice
So I snuggled deep down inside my bed and pulled my hat over my ears.
It took me ages to go off.Mike on my left figures most of the even or was snoring in my ear.
But eventually it was morning and cold .Very cold.
I was slow to move and totally unorganized.
But soon tea was being made and I munched a couple of power bars.
Mike was the first to leave.he was hoping to get off at the first road and rest then get back on.
Mike is a lovely man but has come on this trail I’ll prepared. With YouTube etc there is no excuse.
His food when he started was a bag of rice.plain simple rice. Not precooked.or boil in the bag but rice a d a few energy bars.
His gear.well his clothing left a lot to be desired. Cotton shirts which are a complete no as your freeze the list goes on.but we are all trying to help him
So hopefully he will reappear with some warm and waterproof clothes.
So today was cold.but would it change. As I didn’t want to be as cold as yesterday.
So I started in my shorts, my thermal .a shirt and rain jacket and Willy hat. I was just leaving when we noticed Mike had left his pot. Jess offered to carry it as we may catch him.
I was first out and on trail by 9 waving to the others as I left.
The trail was magical as it was covered in a light dusting of snow.
But the tree was good. It wasn’t long till I had to stop to remove a layer and then Jess was right behind me. We traded miles for most of the morning till the trail once again turned to rock.
I just can’t walk over it as I’m not sure footed so Jess was soon in the distance.
I carried on and then the trail began to go down but it was just as bad do I was dead slow.
Until the trail became good again allowing me to put in some pace.
Further along I came to a sign in the dirt im guessing it was made by the crew who left late last night hoping to get to a road. The sign said sorry no road.i laughed to myself and pushed on .
The I recognised someone was .Mike limping and going very slow. Did you get your it I asked?
Yrs he had. I past him and pushed on hiking up hiking down, Eventually I could here the road. This is where Mike was heading
As k made my way down I could see some gazibos and people milling around.
Whoop Whoop it’s Trail magic.
A local church had organised food for us hikers.
I was welcomed dropped my pack 2 hotdogs were thrust at me. What else did I want?, Coke Gatorade. Water. Want a burger. Sit down rest.
Where a. I from.Am I going all the way.
Do I have faith. Can we orag for you. Another Gatorade. Apple? Crisps.
I was overwhelmed but so so greatful.
The next part was up a very very high up. Jess let me go first o.g it was steep and cold.chug chug chug I went up and up and up.
At last the top and then down. The down was gnarly so I let Jess go laters I said.
That last hill had taken 40 mins and there was one more to do.
I soon came to it after 40 mins I thought that it must of been it as I was at Tray gap and I was heading for Tray shelter but no it was still up a d even steeper it was almost two hours before I reached the top and I was knackered and I was very very cold . too cold.
I grabbed a lara bar it was hard to chew as itvwas frozen and the water in my bladder was also me .

At last a sign for the shelter. I followed it past the shelter and looked for somewhere for my tent.
I was fozen my fingers wouldnt work. But any tent was up and everything inside. But once I dude I realised I was on a slope bugger. It will do.
I was so cold I got straight info my bag and laid there for an hour till I was warm. But I was still too cold to go outside so cooked in my tent.
So night all


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