Day 5

Day 5
I didn’t sleep that well due to the sound of the air con so dozed for most of the night. Unroll the lights flicked on at 7.30 .so i slumped out of bed.
The weather didn’t look good as I peered out of the window.
In fact it was chucking it down. And it was windy.
I packed up and then made tea using the microwave.
Can’t beat a cuppa. Next stop was the shop for a breakfast roll.
Really tasty.
OKAY I am out of here.. I went out with just a vest and my rain jacket. As I didn’t want to be too hot.
I crossed through the archway to the trail and headed up.
I had my cap on under my rain jacket but I couldn’t see due to the peak so had to remove the hood.
I slowly . the rain didn’t bother me .
I was doing well as I climbed unroll the wind came.
Omg it cut right through me. I may of made a mistake by not wearing another layer.
I pushed on worrying about my body temperature .
I pushed on and on. Trying to get out of the wind. Then three people caught and passed me. I followed them for a while . we leapfrogged each other for most of the morning.
It was 11 miles to the next shelter.that was my target. And I was trying to do it not stop.
I pushed on and on through the last the wind died. Thank God.
I the At is up then down then up again..
But I couldn’t get much of a pace as the trail was just stone. Or slabs of granite. I haven’t got the confidence in my feet. If I was a goat I would be okay .
I ploded away .listening to my watch ping the hours away

Then I came to tesseesse Gap. Oh my fucking God …it was steep. Bloody steep I limped up loosing site if my friends .it just kept on climbing and climbing surely it must stop.
At last I’m heading down but it’s gnarly and I scared or turning an ankle.
How much further?
I’m going non stop. As there is no point stopping for a break in the rain .
Come on snail I pushed on up a bit down a bit. I sure that there were fantastic views but all I could see was rain and fog.
Then the rain stopped and the forest became very calm.and quite.then the birds began to sing making me smile .
I marched on passing a few tents. Then a discarded tarp that looked brand new .
I was making good time but was tired.
Then the rain returned. Bugger. I pushed on and on I must be getting near.
At last a sign for camp .I set off down the trail hoping I had read it right.
Hikers whooped me in as I arrived. An then found me a space there are about a 12 of us sheltering from the rain. But 4 were moving on.
Later I cooked tea and drank hot chocolate. Then I hung my food on the bear cable and got ready for bed omg it only just gone six
Night all


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