Day 4

Day 4
Slept fairy well. Woke at 7 and headed for the bathroom ( the big tree).
After I returned my food bag from the tree. And put on my stove to make tea.
I packed up and dropped my tent..i drank my tea and ate a power bar then I was ready.
It was almost 8am and thick fog.i hoisted my pack and set off there were 3 tents remaining.
I hadn’t gone far when I needed to stop as there was something in my shoe.
Then I had to stop again as I was cooking in my fleece. Okay snail. Let’s try again.
I gingerly made my way omg the trail as although down the trail was littered with rocks.
I was going to film more but I was just too knackered. Maybe too much sun yesterday or too many miles yesterday. The trail changed to what I like enabling me to push.i popped a jolly rancher into my mouth i love these boiled sweets as they are quite quenching. The trail was a bit of a roller coaster as I pushed on .eventually I came to woody gap and there were trash cans so i dumped my rubish and a few other items as blood mountsin is coming upp and i am dreading the climb.

As i crosed through the parking lot i sae the team of 4 who i had been leap frogging. I waved and continued .the trail started gentle but then went straight up . I began my normal puffing and panting as I climbed.
This place seemed really popular as many day hikers were coming the other way.
Omg the trail climbed higher.i had to keep pausing to dip water and to catch my breath. At last I was at the summit and the trail began to decent. I passed John who was resting and he shortly caught up with me.. we hiked together for a while unroll we came to water.
I topped up and was on my way as the tram of four appeared. The trail from here was nice. A lovely sandy surface I followed the 4 for a while unroll the trail began to climb.. the next hour was up and down fast and slow. Ping went my watch .I had been hiking for 3hours so decided to stop for lunch.
I was still carrying far too much food …Why!
Well I was going to go slower. I ate tortillas with tuna I don’t really like these but its food. I tested for a while then set off up the dreaded blood mountain. There a couple of large ups and downs then it was the climb. I set off up on my slow stomp chug chug chug.
Many hikers were coming down as it’s a big tourist spot
Many said your almost there and every singke one was a bloody liar
At last the Blood mountain shelter appeared. I was confused. Had I down it !!
Yes in feed I had and it wasn’t as bad as people had said. So now it was down hill to Neels gap.
But the first bit down was over large slabs of granite. I so glad it wasn’t raining as this would be suicide. Dry was bad enough. Slow was safe eventually it evened out and I began to stride but then omg it was like being in a quarry. It was more for goats than hikers it was bloody awful. And it was busy with tourists and other hikers and dogs.
I then joined three other hikers a d we began to stride down the mountain and to Heels gap.
At last. I crossed the road stared at the tree full of boats then .are my way to the shop to enquire about a bunk.. no it was full so camping outside.
Then zbig Mike appeared and offered me his bunk.
Cheers I grabbed a cherry coke and made my way to the Bunk house.
There was a spare top bed. I organised my stuff dumped some gear that u didn’t need . then took a shower .oh so good.i washed my socks pants and top.
Then hung them outside to dry.
I did a small re-supply (pricey) and a berry soda yummy.
I checked my maps sorted my gear then ordered a pizza.
It was so tasty but I couldn’t eat it all so gave it to other hikers.
I sat outside chatting for a while before the bugs forced me inside .


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