Day 3 Hawks campsite to Hooch.

Hawks campsite to hooch.

I woke about 3am but didnt emerged from my tent until 7 .30.  I visited the privy left a donation. I then removed my food from the bear box and headed back to my tent.

I put my stove together and put water on to boil .  I was so looking forward to my first  cuppa of the day to  revive  my aching body

As I broke camp. Mike (sandles) was already packed but Joe next door was still sleeping. I made tea, that tasted so good. As I sat drinking my tea, the  German man came past we chatted for a while then I finished packing, but  then decided to make another brew. Joe finally emerged and offered me some sun block Thanks Joe.

At last I am away and shortly join the trail .I march on but the trail is gnarly and  crap.
I  am unable  to  get  any  rhythm  so  walk  slowly . it’s  seems to  take forever until I reach the turn to Hawk shelter, the one we should have stayed at  yesterday if only we could  read !!.

I pushed on catching  and passing several hikers , always a good sign . At last the rocky trail  stopped and  normal hiking could  begin, but sadly  not for long. The trail began to climb  and  it was a steep climb up that was quickly followed by a steep and this was repeated several  times .The ups getting steeper but the downs were worse as they killed my knees

I eventually caught up with  Jonathan, he had stayed at the shelter, but every body  had  camped due to the numerous mice that lived there !!

At last a nice part of trail enabling me to get a bit of speed up. This enabled me  to  at last  take some video.
As i began  to descend into a gap  i could see the German man and Jonathan . were there we said our hellos then I pushed on and up.

God the ups were steep and Ialmost ground to an  halt. I chugged down some lemonade and shuffled on and up puffing and panting. It was hot very hot and no shade.
A group of 4 hikers zipped past me past me and disappeared into the distance. whixh  is always  depressing . I pushed on, at  last  the trail be gan to level  out and  i  could increase my spped once again

As i walked i began to hear water  to  my right  and  began to drop  down through the tres   and eventually arrived  at  the  banks  of the watert. The four Hikers  that  had passed me , were just moving on after filling up with water . I crossed the river and dropped my pack, took off my shoes and socks before soaking my  feet into the cool waters. it  was heven.

I filled up and was resting when several other hikers appeared. they were heading for goo xxx. another 4 miles.

I pondered for few minutes before  deciding that  I too could make that . I hoisted my pack and strolled off down the trail. I passed the camp  at mile 8 that  was my original target for te day  and kept going.. I hope this isn’t a mistake I muttered to myself.!

God it was hot as I pounded down the trail, I slurped my water, but  it  was  no good I needed to stop again as it was  roasting. i topped up my water and washed my face.
I now had plenty of water ,but was  beginning to run out of energy.
Flat spot with a tree  thats what i now need !! At last, this  will do  its a bit  exposed  on a  mountain but i am done . I put up my tent and collapsed. I’m done

The view . from my tent .
Okay ,my next chore was to hoist my food or hang my food.
I had practiced this a few times  in the  uk ,
But  when i came to doing iot for real  i  was utterly crap.
Finally try  23  i  got  the rope over  the  bloody  tree and wa sable  to  hang  my food bag
I quickly scoffed  my  supper and  straight to bed  ZZZZZ

Start 7.4
Finish 18.9
Miles 11.5

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